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hamishmacbeth 12 Sep 2019

Hi Radek

Is there anything specific that you are suggesting we review this for, or is it a generic question? Do you think there has been inappropriate behaviour to date? I have copied the guidelines here for easy viewing. They seem ok on the face of it, though pretty brief and subjective, as they probably need to be.


When posting content on the Karamea Community Website please observe the following guidelines:

Please be civil and refrain from personal attacks.
Negative comments about someone that you disagree with runs contrary to the positive spirit of this community website.

Be careful with your words, there is a point where being direct crosses a line and turns to blunt, in-your-face hostility.

Insulting others, hate speech, racism or bashing of any sort is not tolerated and any such posts will be removed.

Please respect the privacy of others.
Do not reveal names, contact details, pictures, personal details of others without their permission.

Radek 13 Sep 2019

Hi Hamish,

I was recently told that the website has no protection for its users so I thought it would be good to get some feedback on the topic with suggestions for improvement in this area.

Radek 13 Sep 2019

Raramai suggested that the forum page needs posting guidelines written on the page - not a link. She never sees guidelines when emails direct her straight to the forum page.

Liz K 16 Sep 2019

I would like to think all users can act as moderators, that we look out for each other online like we would in real life, and respond to inappropriate comments...  messages that go against the posting guidelines can be reported and deleted, repeat offendors could have their membership revoked.

I think the Posting Guidelines are good.

Maybe there could be a users agreement when people sign up (maybe there already is? I can't remember) that they have read and agree to the guidelines.

Having a team of assigned moderators could lighten the load off one person (Radek?). 

I don't mind putting my name forward as a moderator, but I can't guarantee I'll read every single post.... any other volunteers out there?


Radek 16 Sep 2019

I agree, anyone can act as moderator by either responding to inappropriate comments or report inappropriate behaviour. I will work on the sign-up agreement.


Radek 05 Oct 2019

Here is a list of updates made to the website. Let me know if you would like anything added, changed or have any suggestions.

  • Made some slight changes to the User Guidelines text.
  • Added User Guidelines and an agreement tick box to the user registration form.
  • Existing users will also be prompted to tick the agreement box when the User Guidelines get updated.
  • Revised the content note at the bottom of user contributed content to make the User Guidelines more visible.


muritai 20 Feb 2020


Yesterday, I noticed something slightly in disarray with the User Guidelines pop-up display, so decided to report it today.

Can't believe it's taken this long, to notice the discrepancy; since the special displayed Guidelines were added around 05~10~19. Thought I had thoroughly checked every page where the Guidelines applied, just for fun, to see if they all looked fine.

Did I miss those two, or did something meanwhile snap out of place, causing those margins to slip away. What are the odds, this lack of marginal space, is only showing up on my screen.

Hello, web technician, it's me. Please would you spare a moment, to see if a glitch has moved into view and hopefully there's something you are able to do, to clean up this mini-marginal mess. Thank you.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Radek 07 Apr 2020

I finally fixed it. Thank you for reporting this.

Radek 10 Apr 2021

Hamish Macbeth suggests that the User Guidelines be reviewed in light of recent commentary on the website. This could be undertaken after he has called a public meeting to review the functionality and operation of this community website. See details elsewhere.

Please Note:   When contributing content on the Karamea Community Website, please observe the User Guidelines. All content, views and opinions on this website are the sole responsibility of its contributors. The content may not have been reviewed by the administrator. Provide feedback about this content.

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