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muritai 05 May 2021

05~05~2021        Indiscriminate Censorship ~ Definitely Not The Solution

On 04~04~21, the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me), posted on the Kōrero-Discussion,  a FORUM THREAD entitled: KaraMeAnz Web LizK Caustic Comments Conclusion?;  along with detailed artwork that took a great deal of effort to piece together, which highlighted positive dialogue taking place on the Integration?  thread.

This FORUM THREAD, in its entirety (including the artwork)  was urgently eliminated on 10 April 2021, because  you  deemed it to be inappropriate.

1. What User Guidelines were breached, to justify that FORUM THREAD being totally eliminated?
2. Was it censored, solely on the grounds of somebodies personal opinion decision?  (That would definitely be an extremely bias precedent to set.)

This total censorship is quite peculiar because,  prior to that FORUM THREAD being removed,  this is what happened:  

Posted on precisely 05~04~2021,  A website user (Dave) was freely able to sign in and seamlessly began to criticise the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me).

So, the FORUM THREAD (in its entirety, including the topic heading) was perfectly fine to exist, while Dave added critical comments there.

Also, precisely on 05~04~2021,  another comment promptly appeared;  thus, an ongoing conversation was beginning to grow on that FORUM THREAD;  this time, from none other than  you,  the Self-Appointed NowCensorship \ Moderator.

So, the FORUM THREAD was perfectly fine to exist (in its entirety, including the topic heading), while these two individuals found it useful, when adding their comments there.   

However, as soon as an invitation from me (posted 10 April 2021), encouraging LizK to join the conversation,  the FORUM THREAD was obliterated within a few hours;  probably even before the invitation had a chance to be read, by other website users.  I suspect  you  eliminated that FORUM because, a pal bent  your  ear, eager to have the FORUM totally removed.  We're anxious to hear the truth.

There is definitely a discussion needed to be continued, regarding important relevant information already contained on that FORUM THREAD, as well as addressing the issue of  your  recent indiscriminate censorship;  and the best place for that discussion to continue, is on the FORUM THREAD (that was totally obliterated),  which should be reinstated.

Indiscriminate Censorship is Definitely Not The Solution;  More dialogue is essential for a better understanding among others;  striving for a peaceful environment in which to communicate and reach a possible consensus.

Will  you  take care to reinstate that FORUM, in an expeditious manner, please;  so other website users will get a chance to read those comments and\or respond on that FORUM THREAD;  thus, intellectually arriving at their own conclusions.  

Also,  you  will have a chance to point out exactly what  you  deemed to be inappropriate, so we'll all be better informed.  

All are welcome \ invited to join in the conversation;  it sure would add to the dialogue and possibly help resolve \ improve ongoing positive website support.   Thank you.  ~ ~ ~ ~

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