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muritai 20 Oct 2020

20~10~20            Events Placeholder  ~  "Creative Artistry"

It simply would be fine, to leave me out of this for the time being and give someone else a turn, to offer an artistic creation.

Besides,  the persistent zeal behind this brainstorm of an idea is all yours,  not mine.   Here is a chance to stand up for and contribute to that which you believe.  Sooner or later,  maybe others will follow suit and also contribute, to this lovely site.

As similarly mentioned before (in a previous forum thread) and well deserving of, once again, being said:

Presently, what better placeholder could there possibly be, than a beautiful selection of creative artistry, provided by an enthusiastic community, helping promote their upcoming activities.

Even when events expire, the posters on display still have an important role to play;  acting as a colourful conduit to, the pertinent information about those specific events. And until another scheduled activity pops up from the Calendar view, there isn't a more convenient placeholder than, the creative artistry (already in place) that helped promote those special community events.

So, the key solution, The Fix, is to utilise this site to the fullest and help advertise upcoming community activities, FREE on the Events Calendar. As one event expires, another colourful promotional placard may glide into place;  thus, perpetually refreshing the events banner stage.

It's quite a challenge to stand up at all;  So, may as well be absolute and stand up for what you believe will help energise and add variety to this lovely site.   Who knows,  maybe others will join in the fun and also contribute to, this web  @  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 27 Dec 2020

27~12~20                        Perfectly Practical Placeholder
                                            ~ Swimming Pool Facility ~

The original topic of this forum thread, has recently been somewhat addressed, by way of additional information materialising about such.

In light of nothing happening on the Events Calendar;  an elaborate placard has emerged, stating exactly that:  
        "There are no events scheduled.
         Make the most of your next event . . .
         Add it to the Calendar"
which appeared (approx. 15~12~2020) at "Events" on the site's homepage.

Posting activities on the Events Calendar is The Perfect Practical Fix, which works well in tandem with perpetual refreshing of the events banner, with a selection of creative artistry, provided by an enthusiastic community, helping promote upcoming activities.

    Quid Pro Quo
If someone was to obtain the Pool Usage Information, from the 30 November 2020 Chronicle;  and then post it to the Events Calendar, specifically on the official last date of public swim;  this would allow that activity to remain on the Events List for an extended length of time, before expiring at the end of summertime swim.  

Furthermore, an accompanying poster, on the Events Banner, could (every now and then) simply be removed if space is needed for other current events;  and then the poster could be returned (at random) when other events are through. All the while, this perfectly practical "placeholder artwork", would be linked, to an actual community activity.

    Quid Pro Quo
As soon as the Pool Usage Information is added to the Events Calendar (specifically posted on the official last date of public swim), will be glad to mix together, a shell full of colourful confetti treats and drizzle them on to a USEFUL miniature poster, to attract attention to the swimming pool facility activities, and to refresh the Events Banner stage.

For the time being, the Perfectly Practical Swimming Pool Placeholder, would certainly draw attention to this summertime activity and the relevant specifics available for pool swim enthusiasts.

So, all it will take to somewhat address the original forum topic ("placeholder artwork"), is for someone to embrace this simply practical idea and add it to the Events Calendar;  to continue perpetual refreshing of the events banner stage.   ~ ~ Will that someone be you. ~ ~

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