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muritai 30 Mar 2020

30~03~2020    Positive Idea ~~ Moved Forward ~~ To Achieve Progress

Would like to hear your thoughts, regarding the topic of this forum thread; more specifically, the website LOGO idea, which originally was offered way back in December of 2018, and formally presented to all of you at, muritai 01 Dec 2019.

Have already read plenty of comments from a collection of volunteers, who seem to have a lingering sort of a WebTeamCommittee group status.

And now, most importantly, I'm interested in hearing from the rest of you out there.

Your positive remarks are welcome, along with reasonably sensible objections, specific to the website LOGO idea. The rest of you out there, have the right to be heard, or perhaps you prefer, a more profoundly powerful silent approach.

If after a while or two and no comments show here on this open forum (either for or against), then one might conclude, the general consensus is neutral (from the rest of you out there) and it should be all right to initiate this innovative website LOGO idea.
   ~ ~  ~ ~  Karamea, NZ  ~ ~  Karamea Community  ~ ~

Liz K 31 Mar 2020

My undersatanding is that we've been through this before and have already decided on a preferred logo.

Thank for all of your input in other areas of the website Muritai.

It might be more productive to contribute on creating more content and website promotion at this stage.

muritai 10 May 2020

05.2020              KaraMeAnz Website LOGO Innovate
          Positive Idea ~~ Moved Forward ~~ To Achieve Progress

Perhaps before such a crucial decision is even considered, it definitely would be polite \ respectful to seek a general consensus from the community (to whom this site belongs). Would you agree, their voices deserve to be heard.

Looks like some Body Obviously Straying off Subject, may be attempting to stow my enthusiasm away, from the whole purpose of this forum thread, and also seems to be supervising the direction of where my positive energy should go. It sure would be super great to instead, focus on the topic of this forum thread and share your sincere thoughts, specific to this website LOGO idea. Also, providing pertinent information, to substantiate your suppression of this site suggestion, might possibly add an interesting perspective to the conversation, here on this open forum.

Lest we forget, remember way back in December of 2018, the LOGO idea was first offered at the original site (that's right, the one with the Blazing Orange Banner). From that time until now, it's encouraging to see such positive reception to the KaraMeAnz Web Rebuild artwork. Ever since 2018, and all the way up to the present (a total of 520 days), there has only been one detailed reasonably sensible objection (that was posted on this site) specific to the website LOGO idea, which I promptly responded to.

  ~,NZ~OR~KarameaCommunity ~

Other than that, any detailed reasonably sensible objections, precisely pertaining to the website LOGO idea (from the rest of you out there) are nowhere to be found, here on this forum thread.

So, the profoundly powerful silent approach seems to be working efficiently and your voices are sounding out loud and clear, in this most impressive result. It's apparently evident (from the rest of you out there), the general consensus is neutral and so, this innovative website LOGO idea, with good intentions and purpose, could possibly be initiated. Thanks to all who participated; it's quite a profoundly powerful positive accomplishment.

Hopefully, someone \ some many with discerning minds, will pool together those facts, which I've referenced throughout the forum thread, and also will consider that most impressive result, as representing a general consensus of the community.

Eventually, sensible minds will prevail, and one day (out of the blue) when signing on to the KaraMeAnz website, surprisingly enough, a colourful artistic look, will refresh the web banner stage.

Presently and maybe into the future (as part of the site's LOGO), an inclusion of either:

  ~ ~ OR ~ Karamea,NZ ~ OR ~ KarameaCommunity ~

could be a beacon of clarity, to ensure at first glance, that visitors will know, exactly what site they're  @  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 20 May 2020

20~05~20                 KaraMeAnz Website LOGO Innovate

Because community activities are on COVID-19 Alert Level 4, 3, ? ... Lockdown indefinitely, perhaps the events banner could be revitalised, with help from current topics of interest being offered there; maybe even at least until, community events start pouring in, once again.

And so, to all KaraMeAnz for your review, here is a positively simple idea, to refresh this website's home page and utilise (to the fullest) that space allocated for community events. Would like to offer this colourful sketch to be placed on the events banner, in order to highlight (for visitors to see) an integral part of the KaraMeAnz website; that being, the topic of this forum thread.

If this positively simple idea, gathers no reasonable objections; then, Website Technician, would you please place this colourful sketch on to the events banner and directly reference it to this forum post (dated 02~02~2020). Thanks for all that you do, to keep this site alive, and possibly taking care of this current topical task, too. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 12 Dec 2020

12~12~2020                        KaraMeAnz Website LOGO Innovate
                          Positive Idea ~~ Moved Forward ~~ To Achieve Progress

Upon arrival of 01~01~2021, it will have been 12 years, since a silhouette sketch depicting an extinct raptor (in one shape and then the other) was originally placed as the LOGO artwork, on the KaraMeAnz website home page. Within those 12 long years (leap year x 3), the original image was on display for a decade or so (2009 ~ 2019) when a rather dramatic artistic exchange happened. The other LOGO then appeared, and within the arrival of 2021, it will have shown on this site's home page, for a comfortable two years in a row.

If given a chance to choose, between exchanging the LOGO artwork every 12 years or every two;  would definitely consider every two, because it provides a more frequent opportunity for website users, contributors, viewers, to participate in refreshing the LOGO artwork on this site's home page.

While contemplating a Monk~Fish~Meditation session,  was overwhelmed by this joyful revelation:  Detailed bits of pertinent information are all ready (including informative links, on this forum thread) to enable this positive website LOGO idea to proceed. The KaraMeAnz Web Rebuild artwork (updated version 09~09~2019) is patiently waiting in queue;  and also for review, is the website LOGO idea consensus, currently with support from the rest of you out there;  as well as this separate forum link, which presents an encouraging solution, that positive ideas pouring on to this lovely site, may efficiently be appraised, by way of a consensus from the website users ~~ the contributors ~~ the viewers  @  ~ ~ ~

Upon arriving at this juncture, there are two minor details, crucial for this move to actually take place:  A time frame starting on 07~01~2021, which celebrates 2 years since the site rebuild was introduced on to the WorldWideWeb;  and, also someone with specialised skills (obviously that would be, the Website Technician) to please enable this move to take place, Thank You.

So, for the reasons already shared on multiple forum threads, specific to the website LOGO idea of 19 December 2018,  I would like this opportunity to refresh the LOGO artwork on this site's home page (from 07~01~2021 ~~  07~01~2023)  just like the previous artist(s) who also got a chance to change the look of the LOGO artwork, at the KaraMeAnz website home page:
in 2009 (Original),  in 2019 (Rebuild),  and now in 2021 (Refresh) .~.~.~

As long as free access to this beautiful site is available, will continue to provide positive ideas to help energise the web  @  ~ ~ ~

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