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bcorner 10 Dec 2018

Thanks for your post, Muritai, and for your interest in the community website.

You are right, the community website is undergoing a major revamp, and we are well advanced on the project. The graphic and branding aspects of the site have already been extensively revised, and we are in good shape there. However, we are still in the process of updating, rewriting, collecting and re-organizing some of the content, and there could be an opportunity for you to get involved with that, if you are interested. There will be a special need after re-launch for community members to take ownership of the site on an ongoing basis, and ensure that the site is kept current.

Please send us an email at webteamatkaramea [dot] org [dot] nz or talk to one of us (myself, Raramai, Guppy, Deb, Hamish, Radek), if you know us in person. You can find me at the Info Centre Fri--Sun (and until Tue, over the summer)



muritai 18 Dec 2018

(Most of the time, I’m out on a wave, so please I apologize for my lack of decorum while sharing words on this forum.)

Hello web helpers, anyone there?

I would like to reply here with words and an image. I’ve got the words sorted; although in a bit of a maelstrom with not being able to paste the image within my reply and unable to find simple steps or easy buttons to get me out of this tail spin I’m in.

Any hints to help me out of this in, and unite lone image with the words to which it belongs. Will check back on the next wave ashore and see if there’s any help in store.

~          ~          ~          ~



Radek 19 Dec 2018

Hello muritai, I see what you mean, there is no image upload button on the reply to comment form. I will try to address this on the new site. In the meantime you have 2 options. You can link to an image that is stored elsewhere online (FaceBook, Flickr etc.) using the insert image button located in the editor bar (looks like a tree icon, the one between the anchor and A buttons. Or, you can edit your original post which will allow you to upload an image file or other document.

muritai 19 Dec 2018


Hey Radek, thanks for helping me out of the whirlpool I was in. The hints you offered worked well and the image is in place, all looks great. Now, off to surf the Tasman Sea.


Yes please, bcorner, would you be so efficient and invite the people you've just listed (myself, Raramai, Guppy, Deb, Hamish, Radek) and others to visit this forum, so they may see what I'd like to share for the KaraMeAnz new web banner on line.

Sounds like a robust agenda, extensively revising the community branded Hokioi and hills web banner of nearly 10 years, to a new brand/a new look.

As one of KaraMeA's long time stays, I'm hopeful for the chance to have a say and offer new brand, new look, new banner to the web being rebuilt today.

Enough of all my riddles and rhymes, time now to share this colorful art and hopefully it will meet the mark.

Specifically, to be placed with all the others in line, for possible selection to grace the web banner this time.

Maybe for a decade, Or maybe not. At least forty fortnights or so, then let another's art have a chance to glow.

Hello KaraMeAnz, anyone there? especially those with an artistic flair. Now is the time to have a say and offer new brand, new look, new banner on line to the web being rebuilt today.

~   ~   ~ ~   ~   ~

hamishmacbeth 19 Dec 2018

Hi Muritai

Thanks for joining the conversation about the rebuild. I am no graphic artist or design merchant, but I like your image. I suspect that the rebuild team already has an image that has been worked on for some time. I provide more input into the words and directory, about which I know more.

We haven't particularly canvassed the views of the community about the graphics but have sought input on information. I guess we didn't know there were people out there with an interest.

I am not sure that I support your idea for KaraMeAnz. I am not sure what you intend the word to be for? Is it for the name of the website or for a description of those that live in or have an interest in Karamea? Or something else?


Hamish Macbeth

Radek 20 Dec 2018

Hi Muritai, I also like your art, very nice work.

Although I am guessing you mean well, some of your writing can come across as negative, especially if we don't know you in person. Communicating online can be difficult to convey thoughts accurately as written words can be easily misconstrued by the reader who is likely in a different frame of mind than the writer.

Please keep in mind that this website was built by volunteers and with the exception of Rick Lucas who was hired by KCBL (Karamea Community Business Limited) in 2009-2012 as a Community Coordinator and was instrumental in the site development, none of us received any compensation for all the time we spent on the site development and maintenance. So no, the site is not perfect and as with any community project, you get what you give.

Thank you for offering your artwork. Perhaps we all need to rethink how to get everyone to participate in improving the site. Anyone reading this thread, what do you think? Any volunteers to help with coordinating this effort?

muritai 04 Jan 2019

Food for thought gives the mind something to chew, hope this provides clarity for you.
(A variety of individuals living around or about a common location, for instance KaraMea, could possibly be considered KaraMeAnz, is my intended usage.)

Hello Hamish. Thanks for sharing your words.

This open forum invites all KaraMeAnz to have a say and be informed about what's happening to their website being rebuilt today. 

Community views about graphics?   Yes, absolutely, this website rebuild should welcome all KaraMeAnz, young and older, to offer their contributions even to the web look.

And that is why I placed my artwork in this open forum to share it with other KaraMeAnz who are welcome to do same. Specifically, to place the art with all the others in line; a great opportunity here to add diversity, with a collection of banner artwork in queue.

So, because this website is voluntarily contributed to, and maintained by, people in the community for purposes of the community, wouldn't it be respectful and fair to all KaraMeAnz with an artistic flair to get the chance to have their artwork grace the web banner for a time.

Simply, divide the months of a year by the number of potential web banners and this should allow fair time for other KaraMeAnz artwork to be displayed.

The web look diversity just might entice others to get involved, especially if contribution to the web banner artwork is open to all interested KaraMeAnz.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 04 Jan 2019

Judge me not for who I am, what I look like, or the colour of my fin.

Instead, embrace that I am willing and able to offer creativity to help
make the KaraMeAnz website be all it can be.

Hello to the shadowy bright lunar light; thanks, Radek, for the interesting KCBL data to enlighten those who may not have known.

When my tsunami of news positively splashed across the start of this forum, my sole purpose and all good intention, was/is to bring to light the fact that all KaraMeAnz, respectfully so, should have the right to say and contribute to their web banner being rebuilt today.

So, what better place to discuss this website, than right here on a transparent stage where any interested KaraMeAnz have a chance to engage and talk about such.

I was delighted to share my artwork, specifically, to be placed with all the others in line, for a chance to grace the web banner for a time or so. Then, in all fairness, let another KaraMeAnz art have a chance to glow.

My thoughts are addressed to all KaraMeAnz, not just a few. I'm glad to share the idea of having a collection of web banners in queue. This could certainly bring diversity to the look of the web.

What say we at least give this a try. It presents a unique idea to the look of this somewhat unique website.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


hamishmacbeth 04 Jan 2019

Hi Muritai

Although I like your artwork, as stated earlier, I am not sure that it would work as required for our needs. We have previously agreed amongst ourselves in the rebuild team how we will proceed with the masthead/banner which has very specific requirements around functionality. This work is finalised as I understand.

However it may be possible to find opportunities to place contributions from the community in other places around the website.

Apart from your graphic, is there anything else you wish to contribute by way of text or content to an updated website?


Raramai 05 Jan 2019

not sure why people have forgotten there were 2 community hui held last year where anyone and everyone was invited to have their say on commmunity issues, and where the website was discussed and criticised, but yet left to the same small group of volunteers to work on

muritai 07 Jul 2019

It was great of you Hamish to share comments here on this open forum, so everyone has a chance to review what the team of volunteers is up to. It's a positive move to make; thanks for your straightforwardness.

Please, would you now like to state exactly what are those, "... very specific requirements around functionality." that you previously mentioned above?

Keeping mindful all the while, transparency here is essential, so KaraMeAnz will know what the team of volunteers' suggestion is, concerning the community web rebuild banner.

  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


muritai 07 Jul 2019

Forgive me Forum Fodder, for it has been, more than seven sevenths since my last communication herein.

Found important fun things to do, instead of getting back here quick with you.

Been filling in boxes and buttons and such, helping to tick off tasks on the KaraMeAnz website what's left To-Do List.

While treading water, just for a bit, will pay my respects to the Web Tech whose unwavering diligence is helping to keep this site look alive. Please, may I know, would a once per year exchanging of the artwork on the web banner (the LOGO slot) cause web complications and work that's a lot, or is this task something you are able and willing to do, without it dumping an extra heavy workload on you?

Giving pause so the Web Tech may digest all that stuff, here's something I'd like to share with all KaraMeAnz, not just a few.

The About Karamea's Website page, delivers a delightfully positive point which states:   

   This website also provides an opportunity for everyone in the community to participate in improving the site and to ...

  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


hamishmacbeth 07 Jul 2019

Hi Muritai

In response to:

Please, would you now like to state exactly what are those, "... very specific requirements around functionality." that you previously mentioned above?

I am the least tech savvy person around but as I understand it, there are specific requirements about what proportions and resolution the image would need to be. You will have to seek more details from others because that is all I know.


Radek 15 Jul 2019

muritai wrote:
...Please, may I know, would a once per year exchanging of the artwork on the web banner (the LOGO slot) cause web complications and work that's a lot, or is this task something you are able and willing to do, without it dumping an extra heavy workload on you?...

Hi Muritai. Yes, this is doable without too much trouble. Although unusual for the majority of websites out there, our site is quite unique in terms of ownership etc. so it should be okay to alternate between different artworks in the header.

Raramai 02 Aug 2019

Muritai and anyone else interested - I hope you have seen the advertising for a meeting next Wednesday 7th. I intend to shed some light on the difference between a logo and a banner, and to provide the history of the logo and why the Hokio is important and why it was decided that the logo should be updated yet still contain the Hokioi. All elements in a logo should be identifiable when reduced to the size of a thumbnail. Generally a logo is not an illustration and has a completely different function. However the banner is something that can and probably should change. There is the space that the Oparara Trail run has been occupying on the Homepage since April because no-one has changed it. I cannot see why this space couldn't be used for peoples artwork/illustrations and changed on a regular basis. Muritai - I really love the artwork you have created and the buttons on the Homepage look great. I love the graphic above too, but I dont think its the right to expect the logo to be changed so you feel as though you are getting your turn. A logo is a brand and changing it all the time only waters that brand down.  There was plenty of consultation with the community about the website. This did happen before you came here, but its no reason to imply the webteam are deliberatly leaving anyone out or not being transparent. That is completely contrary to why we have this community website. See you on Wednesday 4pm at The Bush Lounge

muritai 09 Sep 2019

It sure is fun to see, KaraMeAnz Web Rebuild artwork has received yet another praise. This may generate some momentum and help move an idea forward, to achieve a positive goal.

Somewhere within that beautifully bountiful barrage of banter, brought to us by Raramai, there's the mutter of a specific subject matter, that just simply caught my eye, more than all those other mutters totally rolled into one; yes, of course, it's the Oparara Trail Run.

Looks like KaraMeAnz with artistic flair, precisely placed together some bits of colour, words and smiling faces, creating a beautiful poster to celebrate an exciting upcoming community event.

You're all invited to check it out, as an update reveals something new has been added, hopefully that will suit more of you; thus, more to enjoy the outdoor fun, of the Oparara Trail Run.

Presently, what better placeholder could there possibly be, than a beautiful upcoming event poster, placed on the events banner, when no other events are there to see.

Ongoing positive efforts to help keep this site look alive, are happily moving forward, one fun filled step at a time.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

muritai 09 Sep 2019

Zero Nine . Zero Nine . Two Zero One Nine

Hold that hook, line, sinker and bait, let's see if I've got this tale of web artistry straight; will share some thoughts that relate to the KaraMeAnz web rebuild banner.

On 07.01.2018, An artistic look on blazing orange banner, filled the LOGO slot.

On 07.01.2019, Another artistic look, revised the web banner stage.

So, for two years in a row, a once per year exchanging of the artwork on the web banner (the LOGO slot) happened as easy as that. What say we now go for three years in a row, just to see how that would be.

muritai 09 Sep 2019

Unable to place two images together, and so this broken thread continues . . .

muritai 09 Sep 2019

Zero Seven . Zero One . Twenty Twenty, is slowly drawing near, and way up top at the start of this forum is a colourful artistic look, patiently awaiting a chance to refresh this web banner stage, for the year starting 07.01.2020.

Will proceed with positive efforts to help keep this site look alive and hold on to that line from the About Karamea's Website page which states:

   This website also provides an opportunity for everyone in the community to participate in improving the site and to . . .

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Raramai 14 Sep 2019

Here are some other mutters Muritai.... Posting guidelines:

When posting content on the Karamea Community Website please observe the following guidelines:

"Please be civil and refrain from personal attacks.
Negative comments about someone that you disagree with runs contrary to the positive spirit of this community website.

Be careful with your words, there is a point where being direct crosses a line and turns to blunt, in-your-face hostility.

Insulting others, hate speech, racism or bashing of any sort is not tolerated and any such posts will be removed.

Please respect the privacy of others.
Do not reveal names, contact details, pictures, personal details of others without their permission."

Admin may take your comments away, but if not,  I think its a good example of how you could do better and how you could have researched what volunteers have done before taking pot shots.

From now on direct your comments to the webteam beacuse the decisions it makes are as administrators/moderators and I haven't been on the webteam since January. Good luck with your insinuations of lack of transparency while hiding behind your pushy prose. I've no time for underarm bowling and have no need to be in this forum.

If you have an actial complaint, you are more likely to get a response if you just spit it out.

bcorner 10 Sep 2019

A more accurate and better way to look at the succession in logos: the orange logo was in use from inception of the website (say 12 years ago) until it was replaced with the current logo. The expectation is that the current logo will also enjoy similar longevity, and become recognized as a symbol of the website, and the Karamea community. So, maybe in 12 years or so we will think about how it is time for a refresh in the logo? There is nothing to indicate that a yearly swap of the logo is precedented, or warranted.

Please Note:   When contributing content on the Karamea Community Website, please observe the User Guidelines. All content, views and opinions on this website are the sole responsibility of its contributors. The content may not have been reviewed by the administrator. Provide feedback about this content.

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