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muritai 16 Jun 2020

16~06~2020                Pudding Club Festivities
With help from this fantastic photo and by simply splicing a few geometric patterns together, have arrived at a scrumptiously appealing pudding~cake poster, to help promote that upcoming Pudding Club party, taking place in less than a fortnight away, over at the RSA.

So, up until any objections might be expressed, specific to this pudding placard proposal, perhaps the Pudding Club get-together could be advertised on the events banner with help from this pudding~cake poster, if that'd be okay.

Would you, Website Technician, please serve this delectable dessert on to the events banner for more visitors to see; thus, possibly attracting others to join in the fun, at the Pudding Club festivities.  ~ ~ ~ ~

kathy 16 Jun 2020

Lovely  .. I hope you will be coming along for this evening of decadent pleasures

muritai 21 Jun 2020

21~06~2020    Short Day \ Long Night;  Must Be Winter Solstice Time.

Dear administrators of this WEB, whomever you all may be;  if this SITE is truly of, by and for everyone in the community, then, as one of those voices who deserves to be heard, I sincerely request this specifically unique Pudding Club poster be returned to the events banner, as swiftly as the execution of,  its evidently abrupt removal.

The expeditious manner in which you all react, regarding this specific request, will play an important role.  I assure you;  there's a point to be made.

As soon as this specific unique image, is swiftly returned to its original location on the events banner, it may continue to serve the intended purpose; that is, to help promote an upcoming community event.

Point to be made:  In the meantime, an open conversation is welcome, with whomever it was that decided to remove this poster, without even expressing any objections, to the original author, here on this open thread.  Look forward to hearing the views from whomever,  specific to the disruption of this unique Pudding Club poster, which I proudly offered and it was promptly placed on to the events banner, to help promote an upcoming community activity.

Would you agree, other voices deserve the right to be heard, if this WEBSITE  is truly of, by and for everyone in the community.  ~ ~ ~ ~


Tuipipi 22 Jun 2020

Muritai, I remember seeing your poster and thinking you hadn't put the crucial detail of WHERE said pudding club was to be held. The current poster would appear to cover all the details. 


Liz K 22 Jun 2020

Hi Muritai,

There seems to be some confusion which I'd like to explain.  We have an offical poster for Pudding Club out on noticeboards, the Chronicle, facebook etc however it was a little delayed popping up on here so Kathy kindly posted a picture of one of last years cakes. 

Please could you check with the event organisers before creating a poster for an event - it is basic manners and avoids a whole lot of confusion (and also saves you wasting your time).  I asked the site admin to use the official poster for continuity and because it had all the details on. 

I'd be happy to meet you for a cuppa to dicuss this further if you feel it's needed, or to work out how best we can harness your creative flair without ruffling feathers in the future.

My number is 020 4003 1983 or you can email me on karameacommunityatgmail [dot] com

Cheers, Liz.

kathy 22 Jun 2020

Hi Muratai

I am the current chairperson of the Karamea Commuity Arts council.In recent years we have organised the 'Arts and Crafts Exhibtion' and 'Winter School.' We welcome new members to either help out with current projects or start a new community Arts related event. I like your work and would like to meet you if you are so inclined. I will be running the Free shop on Saturday 27th June from 10 am to 3 pm at the RSA. Please call in and introduce yourself . Alternately you can email me at karameaartscouncilatyahoo [dot] com.  


Kathy Ramsay

muritai 31 Jul 2020

31~07~20            KaraMeAnz Web ~ Events Banner Artwork

The freedom of spontaneous artistic creation, is free-spirited fun and cannot be harnessed; that would defeat the whole purpose of, the freedom of spontaneity.

Amazed by the efficient brief meeting of words here on this open forum, in which you all quickly provided such detailed information, it's a pleasure to summarise this:

On 6 June, kathy promptly posted a Pudding Club calendar event, along with an actual dessert photo, from last year's pudding party. This, in turn, activated a MUSE, that inspired the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me) to spontaneously create a colourful unique poster, which was quickly moved on to the events banner; instantly drawing attention to the Pudding Club Festivities.  It couldn't get any more efficient than that.

Then, along around about the 19th of June, an official Pudding Club poster, finally popped up at  ~ ~ ~ ~  and took over advertising the Pudding Club activity. That action, at the very least, achieved continuity.  Unfortunately, that action eliminated those enthusiastic community contributions; totally erased from the calendar advert page and abruptly removed from the events banner stage.  Thus, by every means possible, ensuring continuity.

In conclusion: We all contributed independently to a fun-filled positive effort, to help promote this special event. Everything coordinated so smoothly, even without any prior arrangements; now, that's efficiency.  And, lots of fun for everyone; that's what it's all about, right.

Would like to offer this tribute: To kathy's positive efforts, which activated the MUSE, that inspired the spontaneous creation of "Puddings Galore"; To the unplanned efficient efforts, that quickly attracted attention to this special event; and also, To a beautiful AVATAR goodwill ambassador;  Here's to celebrating time well spent.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 02 Sep 2020

02~09~20                KaraMeAnz Web ~ Events Banner Artwork

Here is a perfect opportunity, which enables someone to help improve this site. Since no one else seems inclined, guess that fun duty could be mine.

There is a button on the events banner, deflated nearly beyond recognition and one might conclude, falls short of continuity.

Am more than happy, I'm delighted, to help resuscitate those fuzzy characters to full recognition status;  hence, drawing crystal clear attention to the upcoming special first aid tutorials.

Since the calendar advert page, already displays the official poster (stuffed to the brim with details), there's no need to overwhelm this recuperating deflated button with extraneous words. (Plus, it's a much more fun, simple, clean operation, you see.)

So, just the essentials are included;  plenty to clearly direct attention to those first aid training sessions.  

Website Technician, would you please refresh the first aid training placard, with this morphed first aid  "fix-it"  kit;  specifically for the reasons shared above, by crystallising an apparently semi-glitch, which appeared on the events banner stage.   Thank you.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 07 Sep 2020

07~09~20            Collective Positive Experience

The image displayed below, along with this story that's about to unfold, will help clarify the collective positive experience, that took place on the events banner stage.

Someone created a poster to help advertise an upcoming community event. Then someone else set their sights, on the fun-filled duty to help resurrect, that nearly deflated poster;  to which another someone with technical skills, revitalised that semi-glitch, with assistance from a  "Morphed First Aid Kit".

From these few someones (whose efforts coagulated), a positive idea was moved forward to fruition;  And get this, without any prior arrangements. It all happened efficiently, by those who contributed (in their own special way) to help promote (on the events banner stage) an upcoming community activity.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 17 Sep 2020

17~09~20                Cemetery Trust AGM

This image (which similarly already exists somewhere within another forum thread) is available to help refresh the events banner stage;  and while it's there could possibly take care to reference an upcoming AGM at the RSA.

What do you say, Web Tech, will you, would you, could you please, move this simply informative sketch on to the events banner stage.  It certainly would draw extra special attention (instantly) to the upcoming Karamea Cemetery Trust AGM, taking place in just a few days away, at the RSA.

Oh, by the way, in case an official poster happens to pop up unexpectedly, maybe it could be displayed on the official calendar advert page (within that upper blank corner space).  This would enable at least two posters to help promote this upcoming AGM at the RSA.   If that'd be okay.  ~ ~ ~ ~

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