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muritai 16 Jun 2020

16~06~2020                Pudding Club Festivities
With help from this fantastic photo and by simply splicing a few geometric patterns together, have arrived at a scrumptiously appealing pudding~cake poster, to help promote that upcoming Pudding Club party, taking place in less than a fortnight away, over at the RSA.

So, up until any objections might be expressed, specific to this pudding placard proposal, perhaps the Pudding Club get-together could be advertised on the events banner with help from this pudding~cake poster, if that'd be okay.

Would you, Website Technician, please serve this delectable dessert on to the events banner for more visitors to see; thus, possibly attracting others to join in the fun, at the Pudding Club festivities.  ~ ~ ~ ~

kathy 16 Jun 2020

Lovely  .. I hope you will be coming along for this evening of decadent pleasures

muritai 21 Jun 2020

21~06~2020    Short Day \ Long Night;  Must Be Winter Solstice Time.

Dear administrators of this WEB, whomever you all may be;  if this SITE is truly of, by and for everyone in the community, then, as one of those voices who deserves to be heard, I sincerely request this specifically unique Pudding Club poster be returned to the events banner, as swiftly as the execution of,  its evidently abrupt removal.

The expeditious manner in which you all react, regarding this specific request, will play an important role.  I assure you;  there's a point to be made.

As soon as this specific unique image, is swiftly returned to its original location on the events banner, it may continue to serve the intended purpose; that is, to help promote an upcoming community event.

Point to be made:  In the meantime, an open conversation is welcome, with whomever it was that decided to remove this poster, without even expressing any objections, to the original author, here on this open thread.  Look forward to hearing the views from whomever,  specific to the disruption of this unique Pudding Club poster, which I proudly offered and it was promptly placed on to the events banner, to help promote an upcoming community activity.

Would you agree, other voices deserve the right to be heard, if this WEBSITE  is truly of, by and for everyone in the community.  ~ ~ ~ ~


Tuipipi 22 Jun 2020

Muritai, I remember seeing your poster and thinking you hadn't put the crucial detail of WHERE said pudding club was to be held. The current poster would appear to cover all the details. 


Liz K 22 Jun 2020

Hi Muritai,

There seems to be some confusion which I'd like to explain.  We have an offical poster for Pudding Club out on noticeboards, the Chronicle, facebook etc however it was a little delayed popping up on here so Kathy kindly posted a picture of one of last years cakes. 

Please could you check with the event organisers before creating a poster for an event - it is basic manners and avoids a whole lot of confusion (and also saves you wasting your time).  I asked the site admin to use the official poster for continuity and because it had all the details on. 

I'd be happy to meet you for a cuppa to dicuss this further if you feel it's needed, or to work out how best we can harness your creative flair without ruffling feathers in the future.

My number is 020 4003 1983 or you can email me on karameacommunityatgmail [dot] com

Cheers, Liz.

kathy 22 Jun 2020

Hi Muratai

I am the current chairperson of the Karamea Commuity Arts council.In recent years we have organised the 'Arts and Crafts Exhibtion' and 'Winter School.' We welcome new members to either help out with current projects or start a new community Arts related event. I like your work and would like to meet you if you are so inclined. I will be running the Free shop on Saturday 27th June from 10 am to 3 pm at the RSA. Please call in and introduce yourself . Alternately you can email me at karameaartscouncilatyahoo [dot] com.  


Kathy Ramsay

muritai 31 Jul 2020

31~07~20            KaraMeAnz Web ~ Events Banner Artwork

The freedom of spontaneous artistic creation, is free-spirited fun and cannot be harnessed; that would defeat the whole purpose of, the freedom of spontaneity.

Amazed by the efficient brief meeting of words here on this open forum, in which you all quickly provided such detailed information, it's a pleasure to summarise this:

On 6 June, kathy promptly posted a Pudding Club calendar event, along with an actual dessert photo, from last year's pudding party. This, in turn, activated a MUSE, that inspired the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me) to spontaneously create a colourful unique poster, which was quickly moved on to the events banner; instantly drawing attention to the Pudding Club Festivities.  It couldn't get any more efficient than that.

Then, along around about the 19th of June, an official Pudding Club poster, finally popped up at  ~ ~ ~ ~  and took over advertising the Pudding Club activity. That action, at the very least, achieved continuity.  Unfortunately, that action eliminated those enthusiastic community contributions; totally erased from the calendar advert page and abruptly removed from the events banner stage.  Thus, by every means possible, ensuring continuity.

In conclusion: We all contributed independently to a fun-filled positive effort, to help promote this special event. Everything coordinated so smoothly, even without any prior arrangements; now, that's efficiency.  And, lots of fun for everyone; that's what it's all about, right.

Would like to offer this tribute: To kathy's positive efforts, which activated the MUSE, that inspired the spontaneous creation of "Puddings Galore"; To the unplanned efficient efforts, that quickly attracted attention to this special event; and also, To a beautiful AVATAR goodwill ambassador;  Here's to celebrating time well spent.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 02 Sep 2020

02~09~20                KaraMeAnz Web ~ Events Banner Artwork

Here is a perfect opportunity, which enables someone to help improve this site. Since no one else seems inclined, guess that fun duty could be mine.

There is a button on the events banner, deflated nearly beyond recognition and one might conclude, falls short of continuity.

Am more than happy, I'm delighted, to help resuscitate those fuzzy characters to full recognition status;  hence, drawing crystal clear attention to the upcoming special first aid tutorials.

Since the calendar advert page, already displays the official poster (stuffed to the brim with details), there's no need to overwhelm this recuperating deflated button with extraneous words. (Plus, it's a much more fun, simple, clean operation, you see.)

So, just the essentials are included;  plenty to clearly direct attention to those first aid training sessions.  

Website Technician, would you please refresh the first aid training placard, with this morphed first aid  "fix-it"  kit;  specifically for the reasons shared above, by crystallising an apparently semi-glitch, which appeared on the events banner stage.   Thank you.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 07 Sep 2020

07~09~20            Collective Positive Experience

The image displayed below, along with this story that's about to unfold, will help clarify the collective positive experience, that took place on the events banner stage.

Someone created a poster to help advertise an upcoming community event. Then someone else set their sights, on the fun-filled duty to help resurrect, that nearly deflated poster;  to which another someone with technical skills, revitalised that semi-glitch, with assistance from a  "Morphed First Aid Kit".

From these few someones (whose efforts coagulated), a positive idea was moved forward to fruition;  And get this, without any prior arrangements. It all happened efficiently, by those who contributed (in their own special way) to help promote (on the events banner stage) an upcoming community activity.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 17 Sep 2020

17~09~20                Cemetery Trust AGM

This image (which similarly already exists somewhere within another forum thread) is available to help refresh the events banner stage;  and while it's there could possibly take care to reference an upcoming AGM at the RSA.

What do you say, Web Tech, will you, would you, could you please, move this simply informative sketch on to the events banner stage.  It certainly would draw extra special attention (instantly) to the upcoming Karamea Cemetery Trust AGM, taking place in just a few days away, at the RSA.

Oh, by the way, in case an official poster happens to pop up unexpectedly, maybe it could be displayed on the official calendar advert page (within that upper blank corner space).  This would enable at least two posters to help promote this upcoming AGM at the RSA.   If that'd be okay.  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 28 Oct 2020

28~10~20                All Breeds Cattle Club Show

Dare I ask;  do I dare offer this bovine up there, to refresh the events banner stage?  Yes, of course, because this specifically identified colourful cow, was outstanding in the field of helping to advertise this same event (nearly a decade ago), formerly known as Karamea Jersey Breeders Club.  Some artistic creator(s) back then, had provided an actual billboard, boldly bringing attention to that congregation of cow festivities.

Then, a true~blue photographer's snapshot of that actual billboard, was included in the entries gallery, for Karamea Digital Photo Competition.  And, possibly unbeknownst to most, here on the community website (for nearly 10 years and counting), this colourful cow continues a delightfully intermittent appearance, currently at the photo gallery slideshow, near the bottom edge of this web.

I just happened to catch a glance, of that bovine billboard photo, about the time an extensively informative data dump, was added to the official calendar advert page for Karamea All Breeds Cattle Show.

The enthusiasm put forth by others, to provide that additional information on the web  @   along with a glimpse of this colourful cow, inspired me, straight away, to draw attention to those upcoming community activities.

In a rather unique way (with help from an actual billboard photo, preserved on this site for nearly a decade),  that image, for the most part, is being presented today.

Now, all it will take, is for the Web Tech, to possibly move this sketch, to the site's home page, please;  in order to refresh the events banner stage and also direct attention to the All Breeds Cattle Club Show.  ~ ~ ~


muritai 22 Nov 2020

22~11~2020                Karamea ~~ Little Wanganui Civil Defence

Oh, will you look at this, an opportunity to refresh the Events Banner, with something of importance from Civil Defence.

Since creative spontaneity is a surge of energised ideas that moves along very quickly;  and, because of the hour, there will be no time to seek words from them, they or the others;  will be moving along very swiftly, because of the hour.

If this effort is given full rapidity, and with only minimal assistance, may have this poster ready by the morrow;  will be glad to give it a go.

The informational foundation for this sketch, was borrowed from a chronicle article, and then a colour palette was borrowed from that Civil Defence poster previously shown on the Events Banner.

The only assistance I now seek, is that from the knowledgeable computer geek . . .  
[ Oh, by the way, Webmaster, my use of the word  "geek"  is an intended compliment, you see, and also it best rhymes with  "seek". ]  

. . . in order to move this simple informative sketch on to the Events Banner, please;  to highlight a rather important activity, and also to help refresh that Events Banner stage.  Thank you, Webmaster, for all that you do, to keep this site alive.   ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz K 23 Nov 2020

Once again the phantom poster hijacker has struck!  Will you ever show your face? 

When do we get to meet you Muritai? You have genuine skill that could be put to good use... if you just reached out first and checked with event organisers for approval to promote their event we actually could work together as you so claim.  Or please, at least ADD THE TIME AND DATE so it's useful!

Once again I'd love to know who you are, willing spontaneous poster creaters are hard to come by in our wee town and there's always a new event that could do with your flair, would you take a new brief?

I'd love to hear from you - Liz karameacommunityatgmail [dot] com 020 4003 1983


muritai 02 Dec 2020

02~12~20                Colourful Artistic Lures ~~ Attract Attention

Am delighted to educate, first time viewers;  and, for any others with memory lag, will be glad to reiterate, as many times as it takes, to accentuate two very important factors:

(04~01~2019)  Judge me not for who I am, what I look like, or .~.~.~

(31~07~2020)  The freedom of spontaneous artistic creation, .~.~.~

Focusing on the topic of this forum thread:  The artistically created images \ placards \ posters, on the Events Banner, could be considered as simple colourful lures, to attract the attention of viewers, who may "click" and then "link" to a specific Official Events Calendar Advert page, where pertinent information is already on display. There's no need to add extra details, which might overwhelm those USEFUL miniature posters, on the Events Banner stage. (Several examples of events messaging simplicity, are here on this artwork forum thread.)

Interestingly, the Official Civil Defence Notice, resided at a 16 November Chronicle article and then was happily received (20 November) on the Events Calendar  @ ~ ~ ~  All the while, plenty of opportunity for others to offer a poster for Civil Defence.

Evidently, quick to draw, was spontaneous enthusiasm from the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me), who efficiently drew attention, to a very important meeting for Civil Defence and also helped to refresh the Events Banner stage.

With all of that being said, it sure would be great if someone was able to move the Seniors Fanciful Afternoon Tea Announcement (currently housed at the Chronicle) on to an Official Events Calendar page.

It would also be helpful, if anyone who has permission to perhaps add the official "opening date" and "hours" to the Pool Usage Notice, could then place all of that, on to an Official Events Calendar page.

Hence, any others with interest, may have an opportunity to provide an imaginative delicious \ splash of colour to help promote these community activities.

Am anxious to see if this positive perpetual motion will occur instantaneously, in order to draw special attention to the Seniors Fanciful Afternoon Tea, taking place in just a few days;  and to quickly rescue the "slowly expiring" Events Banner stage.

The freedom of spontaneous artistic creation, provides countless waves of recreation and fun;  and so, I'll continue to navigate towards, offering additional positive ideas to help promote this lovely site. ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 20 Jan 2021

First of all,  Thanks to Lanah's lavish display of Evening Yoga Classes, the Events Calendar is revitalised for many future days;  and, Thanks to  "Yoga With Lanah"  placard, the Events Banner stage is saved from being swept away, off this site's home page.

                    Little Wanganui Hall ~ Annual Cheese Night
Within a similar phase, another activity has been added to the Official Events Calendar Advert page, including a beautifully colourful poster, with detailed pertinent information already in place.

This addition to the List of Events  @  has inspired me to provide a USEFUL colour-coordinated miniature placard, which could help revive the KaraMeAnz website home page;  and most importantly, might even generate excitement for Cheese Connoisseurs to prepare for the celebrated Annual Cheese Night (happening in March) at Little Wanganui Hall.

Website Technician, may I call on you,  to place this placard on to the Events Banner, please;  It sure would help bring extra attention to this upcoming celebrated community activity, advertised on the Official Events Calendar Advert page.  Thank you.  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 09 Feb 2021

09~02~2021                Little Wanganui Hall ~ Cheese Night ~  2021

The following details on this unwinding thread, will help visitors see, how well a community is able to work independently, helping each other in their endeavour, to promote this specific event.

2020 Cheese Competition
Last year's cheese competition poster,  helped with advertising (on the events banner) for over 56 days (19 January thru 14 March 2020). The events organisers (at that time) may have quickly realised, this enthusiasm drew attention to their Little Wanganui Hall cheese competition, and so they generously allowed that poster a 56-day stay.

2021 Cheese Competition
On 20 January,  a USEFUL colour-coordinated miniature "Cheese Night" placard,  was added to the Events Banner and had a chance to celebrate this event, for all of 15 days. The events organisers must have been pleased with this positive community contribution;  and thus allowed for this placard's generous 15-day stay.

On 3 February 2021,  the "Cheese Night" placard was removed, thus giving another colourful poster (on 7 February) the chance to help promote (on the events banner) this upcoming activity.

The most supreme feeling of all, is knowing I did my very best (and all the while, had so much fun) to help draw attention to an upcoming cheese festivity, at Little Wanganui Hall.

The "Cheese Night" poster will be present in all it's glory, here on the KaraMeAnz website, long after this event is over.

And so, would like to share the spotlight (on this Events Banner Artwork thread) with the Little Wanganui Hall ~ Annual Cheese Night official poster (they quite compliment each other).

Visitors to this lovely site, will see how well an  ItSheHeFish artist (like me),  is able to work independently, with open-minded events organisers;  and achieve a positively common goal, ultimately drawing attention to upcoming community activities.   ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 25 Mar 2021

25~03~21            Plant Swap \ Open Day ~ Clean Streams Karamea

It's obvious to see, another artist is faster to the "Plant Swap" draw than me.

Upon completing a colourful doodle, as an offering to the Clean Streams Karamea Open Day activities;  much to my delightful surprise, an emerald green placard was already in place on the Events Banner stage; advertising the free flowing Clean Streams festivities happening within a few days.

My thoughts began to flip-flop, just a bit; could, would, should I still place the colourful doodle sketch within this artwork forum thread ~~ Yes, because there may later be a need for this colourful lure and then it will already be here, as a potential auxiliary "USEFUL miniature poster" and possibly put to good use, one day.

It definitely was a fun-filled challenge to situate as much of that collection of various items (from the original poster at the Calendar Advert page) into one perfectly exact colourful cubic square  ~~  in order to help celebrate the Clean Streams Karamea Open Day, Plant Swap, along with every day is Neighbours Day ~ Aotearoa. ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 27 Mar 2021

27~03~21                Karamea Harvest Dinner

In an attempt to help gather focus on this harvest feast, will be calling on the Web Tech Guru;  would you care lots, to serve this vegetable placard, on to the Events Banner stage;  and make haste, because, it's a bit of a race, to beet  the time running out, before this event is over due.

Well, Web Tech Guru, would you be able to help with this placement ~~ I'm sure if the events organisers have minced thoughts about this veggie plate, they'll be sure to let someone know;

Or, perhaps they will be so delighted, they'll let this colourful placard see the harvest festival through, until  It Will Be Dinner Time...  ~ ~ ~

muritai 02 Apr 2021

02~04~2021                    Easter Market Day

Have just finished this colourful poster, to help celebrate and draw attention to the Easter Market, taking place at the RSA\Community Building at Market Cross, on Saturday.

There is no official poster on the Calendar Advert page, and so thought it would be great, to provide one on the Events Banner stage, for the Easter Market day.

Website Technician, I've called on you before, to move posters onto the Events Banner and wonder if you are able to do the same with this.

The sooner the poster is placed onto the banner, the sooner it will attract attention to this community activity.  If by chance the Official Owners of this Easter Market Event, have any objections;  or, any comments from the Events Organisers, are positively welcome here.   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 06 Apr 2021

Cheers to those of you, who instantly realised, that the   
    It (dressed in white from head to toe),
        She (the one in the middle),
            He (who always wears pink) and
                Fish artist (that's me, at the gold coin register), were all there to offer some help, by way of this colourful lure, promoting Easter Market Day.

The Notice on the Events Calendar appeared a bit empty, in the area of extra promotional stuff; and so, just thought it would be great to help the event promoters in this fantastically fun way.  Started colouring those cartons of eggs; couldn't stop until they were all painted \ situated in just the right place.

Will continue to offer USEFUL colourful lures, to help draw attention to upcoming community activities;  Because,

there may eventually be, additional open-minded Events Coordinators, who appreciate receiving help;  and are enjoyable and easy to work independently together with, achieving a common goal.  ~ ~ ~

hamishmacbeth 10 Apr 2021

Please note this comment from the administrator:
It is important to seek approval from the original author if you wish to add text or images to an events banner. We have added a clause in the User Guidelines to this effect.

muritai 24 Apr 2021

24~04~2021        User Off Subject Post

For all of you lounge-chair forensic super sleuths, here's an interesting post, that acutely caught my attention, as being particularly queer.  You may want to grab your notepad and magnifying glass, to take a closer look at this.

First of all,  let's jot down the date of 10 April 2021;  this will play an important role, as you will further note;  a whole lot of irrationally peculiar actions happened  @  on that date.

Next,  if that comment is truly from the Web Administrator, then why doesn't it make sense;  when in fact, the Web Administrator's comments are usually sagacious enough to understand and trust.

Plus,  it is well known that any images [with\without text] can only be placed on the Events Banner by the Web Administrator.  

So basically, this note supposedly from the Web Administrator, is actually addressed to the Web Administrator "... to seek approval from the original author if you wish to add text or images to an events banner."

If this 10 April 2021,  "... comment from the administrator: ..."  is said to remain on this specific Forum Thread;  then, it should definitely be placed on every single other forum thread  ~ @ ~ in order to be honestly fair to everyone;  therefore, not showing prejudice against a Forum Thread originated by the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me).

Lastly,  all posts from the Web Administrator are usually made by the Web Administrator;  so, why do you suppose,  this one was posted by someone else?

As mentioned before, a whole lot of irrational\peculiar actions happened, on that 10 April 2021, date.


To the volunteer Website Administrator:  would you please expunge the 10 April 2021,  "off subject post"  which seems to be directed more at you, and if it is already on the User Guidelines, then it doesn't need to redundantly be here, on this forum thread.  [WebAdmin: after you have done the expunge of 10 April 2021; you may scrap this 24~04~2021 post. Thank you.] ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 26 Apr 2021

26~04~2021                ~ Natural Burial Cemetery ~

Welcome kgavigan,

The  ItSheHeFish artist  (that's me),  is so excited to see, a new visitor to the KaraMeAnz site;  excited so much that,  just wanted to help draw extra attention to your scheduled Natural Burial Group, Community Meeting.

And so,  have provided a perfect cubic square placard (from your pdf design) and have asked the Web Tech Guru, to move this placard onto the Events Banner stage, as promptly as could be arranged.

If by chance,  kgavigan,  you are fine with what I have done  (and have no objections),  this placard will instantaneously direct attention to your upcoming community meeting on, Thursday, 29 April,  at the RSA.

It's  a pleasure welcoming you here, 

to the KaraMeAnz web   @   ~ ~ ~

hamishmacbeth 28 Apr 2021

kgavigan has contacted me as chair of the Natural Burial Group and says it is fine for the 'placard' to be put on the Events Banner. I agree. Thank you.

muritai 29 Apr 2021

29~04~2021                ~ Natural Burial Cemetery ~

It's quite a thrill to see KaraMeAnz enjoying this web and participating in helping to keep this site look alive.

Kia ora,  kgavigan,  you have positively made my day. Your fortitude, tenacity and spirit (against all odds) is what it took, to achieve the placement of your placard up and onto the Events Banner stage,  just in time for said community gathering, on this day.

Better late,  than not at all,  right?   Yes, definitely, because:

Even when the date of your meeting expires, the placard on display, will still have an important role to play;  acting as a colourful conduit to, the pertinent information about your Natural Burial Cemetery (and also email\phone details so others may contact you).

And until other activities pop up (needing space),  there isn't a more convenient place for your placard to be placed  (to catch the attention of viewers)  than on the front page Events Banner stage.

Your determination is truly emblematic of a care giver for KaraMeAnz web, helping to keep this site look alive. 

It was a pleasure working independently \ together with you, to achieve a common goal:  helping promote upcoming community activities. ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 06 May 2021

06~05~2021        D H B Meeting ~ Wider Karamea Area

This is follow-up to a PinBoard post from the West Coast DHB (dated 06~05~2021),  regarding the 12 May 2021, community consultation.

     ...  And so,  the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me) has provided  a perfect cubic square placard\lure  (selected from your original pdf design)  and now ask the Web Tech Guru,  will you place this poster on to the Events Banner stage,  please;   in order to attract additional attention,  to the D H B Meeting  on 12 May 2021...  ~ ~ ~ ~

Raramai 13 May 2021

He maunga nui,

E kore e taea whakaneke;

He ngaru moana,

Me te ihu o te waka e wahi



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