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muritai 09 Feb 2020


It's been a while since 26, 12, 18, and still the significant Intro Text has not yet been seen, to receive special attention. Will be fun to stir up some waves and refresh this stagnant page. Quite keen to offer some User-Content/Intro Text, and with each passing day, would be best to get started, straight away.

All KaraMeAnz are welcome to join in the fun, helping to tick off tasks, from the KaraMeAnz website what's left To-Do List, if you've a mind to.

Enthused by the fact that some tasks, have now been lined through, will gladly help to clear off a task or two, from the long list of things to do.

Well, Web Tech, these words are for you, to peruse and use, if suitable.

[x]  Karamea Pinboard is the perfect place to advertise goods for sale, or items wanted, even real estate, or post job openings, and share miscellaneous notes of importance and interest.  To advertise upcoming community events, please use the Events Calendar.
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