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muritai 01 Oct 2019

Since 26.12.18, this page has been calm as the Mirror Tarn; a perfect time to jump in and create a ripple effect, hopefully, to get something done. All KaraMeAnz are welcome to contribute their positive ideas, too. So, let's get started; I'm delighted to share my constructive critique with you.

 ~ ~ Soothing to the eyes, a perfect colour palette for this site, with placed in the middle, backed by Mt.Stormy and an estuary on the side; it's a keeper background photo and hopefully will stay around for a while.

 ~ ~ A once per year exchanging of the artwork on the web banner, the LOGO slot, could help to refresh the web banner stage.

 ~ ~ The subsequent banner is specific for upcoming community events and the posters could remain for a while, as colourful placeholders, until the space is needed for more current events.

 ~ ~ Events\News\Kōrero+Discussion, pretty much covers it all and is neatly presented in plain sight; no need to overcrowd by stuffing more headings there (for now).

 ~ ~ It's a great idea to have placed, the about text on the front page. Would you consider giving that text, a special framing to delicately set it off a bit, within that white open space.

 ~ ~ The variety of colourful front page buttons, adds a bit of artistic flair and a clear direction to a specific community destination, as well as a Directory listing everything else that's there.

To stuff any more on to that space, would probably bulge the seams. My critique concludes with the front page content as being compact, tidy and clean; so will leave it there for now.
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