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muritai 01 Oct 2019

Since 26.12.18, this page has been calm as the Mirror Tarn; a perfect time to jump in and create a ripple effect, hopefully, to get something done. All KaraMeAnz are welcome to contribute their positive ideas, too. So, let's get started; I'm delighted to share my constructive critique with you.

 ~ ~ Soothing to the eyes, a perfect colour palette for this site, with placed in the middle, backed by Mt.Stormy and an estuary on the side; it's a keeper background photo and hopefully will stay around for a while.

 ~ ~ A once per year exchanging of the artwork on the web banner, the LOGO slot, could help to refresh the web banner stage.

 ~ ~ The subsequent banner is specific for upcoming community events and the posters could remain for a while, as colourful placeholders, until the space is needed for more current events.

 ~ ~ Events\News\Kōrero+Discussion, pretty much covers it all and is neatly presented in plain sight; no need to overcrowd by stuffing more headings there (for now).

 ~ ~ It's a great idea to have placed, the about text on the front page. Would you consider giving that text, a special framing to delicately set it off a bit, within that white open space.

 ~ ~ The variety of colourful front page buttons, adds a bit of artistic flair and a clear direction to a specific community destination, as well as a Directory listing everything else that's there.

To stuff any more on to that space, would probably bulge the seams. My critique concludes with the front page content as being compact, tidy and clean; so will leave it there for now.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

muritai 19 Nov 2019


Now that the front page buttons are all filled in, would like to pose a question to the web tech guru, whose unwavering diligence is helping to keep this website look anew.

Please may I know, would rearranging those buttons cause web complications and work that's a lot, or is this task something you are able and willing to do, without it dumping an extra heavy workload on you? Ah, déjà vu.

The purpose of rearranging the buttons, could be considered threefold. One, move a couple of important reminders to the top row; two, inner-mix the remaining buttons in order to buffer artwork similarities and three, distribute colour more evenly within that front page button vicinity.

Already have a schematic plan to offer, which covers all three, and would gladly present it here for all KaraMeAnz to preview, if the need be.

Will now give pause so the web tech guru has a peaceful moment to ponder, as to whether rearranging those front page buttons is an easy task to do, or would it actually end up adding an extra heavy workload on, guess who.
 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Radek 26 Nov 2019

Hi Muritai,

Most of the panels on the front page can be rearranged relatively easy. Please share more details about your suggestion.

muritai 01 Jan 2020


Yikes!  Looks like its been a fortnight or two since my last communique with the web tech guru. Had better reply with more details, today, in order to continue moving this idea on its way.

Proposal ~ Upon completion of rearranging sketches of the front page buttons, within various configurations, have concluded with one that seems aesthetically most appealing. Even when the home page view changes size and shows the buttons at 4 vertical by 3 wide, the configuration still looks fine.

Purpose ~ Move a couple of important reminders to the top row; inner-mix the rest in order to buffer artwork similarities and distribute the colour more evenly, within that mosaic of artwork creativity.

Preview ~ The schematic plan is here for KaraMeAnz to preview, let's say for a day or maybe a few. If no reasonable objections appear, then, this could be a clue to begin rearranging the front page buttons, whenever such time is convenient for the web tech guru.

The most fun of it all is the satisfaction of knowing, positive efforts are helping to keep this site look alive.
 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Radek 17 Jan 2020

Thanks Muritai. 

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