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muritai 16 Jan 2019

Swimming is my Fame; Drawing is my Game.

Thanks Radek, for making available the To Do List for all KaraMeAnz to take part if they wish.

While surfing this website, a topic of interest, here at the forum, drew my focus to this invitation for KaraMeAnz to fill in boxes and buttons and such. I swam to shore as quick as a flash to be in line and offer just that.

Yes please, if no objections, I'd like to dive in to help, and so raise my fin, choosing Directory and Hauora. 

With all sincerity, in a fortnight or so, I'll return with artwork that's hopefully good to go and meets web criteria for Directory and Hauora.

Thanks for the chance to have a say in the look of the KaraMeAnz web being built today.
 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

muritai 03 May 2019

Swimming in from the glorious sea, here now with artwork for Directory. Sure do hope it meets the mark and so be added to fill in a button or box.

Now off to take care and draw some more, this time for Hauora.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Radek 03 Feb 2019

Thank you for your contribution Muritai, this will fit quite well.

hamishmacbeth 03 Feb 2019

Looks good to me providing it fits the technical requirements about which I know nothing. Thanks

muritai 16 Feb 2019

Hauora artwork is complete. Here's hoping it meets web critique and fits in someplace and fills in a space here on the face of this web.

Would like to fill in another button and box. And so as I see no one else is in line, thought it'd be fine to select a couple more.

Once again, quite delighted to raise my fin, this time choosing Library and Market. And just as before, most likely I'll return with lines or colour for one or the other.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~

muritai 16 Mar 2019

These lines for Library artwork, are longing to land lodging on this web's home page.

While this linear Library sketch is being carefully checked by web specs, I'll be off to Market Cross Market with fins full of drawing fun, to colour in yet another one.


While out and about near the house of books, this character cloud came into view and beckoned a second look as it slowly transformed with help from a cool gentle breeze. Just one click from a camera's shutter, brought this reshaping motion to freeze.

Would like to offer this character cloud to add to the Library's photo gallery, if that'd be allowed.

Not sure where to present it for review; have you a clue of what to do?
 ~  ~  ~  ~  


SS Ferneliza 16 Mar 2019

Your "character cloud " looks great as do your others,  I was a little confused as to why mt Stormy had 3 peaks in the medical center pic, but after viewing the wcdh logo it all made sense,  nice work,  thumbs up.... maybe we need some giant book facade out the front of our library?

kathy 16 Mar 2019

I love this...May I use it as well on the library fb page with a link to this website?



Radek 20 Mar 2019

Thanks for your contributions Muritai, much appreciated.
I will add your new button to the front page shortly.
Any new content or changes can be sent directly through email or through the Content Suggestion form.

Liz K 25 Mar 2019

Just sent one for the Korero Button :)

Liz K 25 Mar 2019

How about this for the Recycling/refuse button?

Liz K 25 Mar 2019

Here's one for the Help Improve this Website.

Radek 28 Mar 2019

Thanks Liz, I like the first one of the Recycling buttons.

Do we need a Korero button on the front page in addidition to the Korero / Discussion panel? 

muritai 25 May 2019

Psst!  Just the other day, while out at sea, was floating with a school of studious fishes, and here's what they shared with me.  

              H E L P  . . .  W E B I S T E

It seems that a couple of happy-go-lucky mischievous letters stepped out of place and mixed things up, as you can see.

So, Liz K, will let you take over from here. Maybe you'll have success convincing "I" and "S" to exchange places and step back to where they should be.
 ~  ~  ~  ~


muritai 03 May 2019

It's quite a thrill to see KaraMeAnz enjoying this web and participating in helping to keep this site look alive.

Kia ora, kathy. I appreciate the courtesy you've extended to me, asking if these lines for Library artwork could also be used on the Library Facebook page and you'll provide a link back to the KaraMeAnz website, thanks.

Yes, it's okay with me, for you to put to good use, these lines for Library artwork (or the varied look), if you please.
  ~  ~  ~  ~


muritai 03 May 2019

These lines for Library artwork, at long last have landed lodging on this web's home page.

Longing am I to ask, if this artwork (which was offered to fill in a front page button box) may also be used on the directory page, top left corner slot?

Just a bit of a twist, would like to offer a varied look for this house of books, to fill that slot on the Library Directory page, if that would be okay.

Not sure how it would look or even if this sketch would fit into that vacant slot.

So, this varied look for the house of books will patiently wait here in this forum artwork queue, until it's reviewed and if no objections appear, could possibly move into that empty space on the Library directory page.

Radek, thanks for directing me to where I may present This Character Cloud, which I'll try to do, and will leave the review up to you.
 ~  ~  ~  ~


Radek 11 May 2019

muritai wrote:
... It seems that a couple of happy-go-lucky mischievous letters stepped out of place and mixed things up, as you can see. So, Liz K, will let you take over from here. Maybe you'll have success convincing "I" and "S" to exchange places and step back to where they should be...
Thank you for noticing the typo Muritai, don't know how I did not notice this. I asked Liz to send me the corrected version of the image and have updated the button. Thanks for pointing this out. I do tend to overlook things all the time and do appreciate when people bring it to my attention.

muritai 25 May 2019

Market Cross Market drawing ready to go, or maybe it will be, slow to go.

So, will take this moment for a brief rest and settle into a relaxing kelp mooring, while the web technician reviews aspect ratio, etcetera, to ensure technical web specs are met, thus allowing the artwork to move forward on to this web's front page.

Hold that thought just for a sec. Perhaps a seven-day stay before making that move, would allow any outpouring of artwork objections to have a say. If no reasonably sensible objections appear, then the Market Cross Market drawing could move forward on to this web's front page, to be placed among the artistic variety already there.

My moment of rest time is up and I'm ready to offer ideas to fill in boxes, buttons and such. Community Efforts could always use extra help, so that's what I'll do, and may have something to offer for Reuse/Recycle, too.

Will return in a few with one of these two, which will patiently moor here in this forum artwork queue, until such time that it may be reviewed and possibly be used to fill in a box on this web.
   ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Radek 17 Jun 2019

Very nice, thank you again Muritai.

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