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Radek 10 Jan 2020

Thank you for the suggestion Cliff. Yes, there are modules that would suit both options.

Perhaps this is a good time for everyone to rethink the purpose and value of the Karamea website. 

Based on the number of events and notices on this website and on Facebook, it looks like most people prefer using the latter.

What do you all think, is it worth the effort to continue the Karamea website?

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muritai 28 Mar 2021

28~03~2021            KaraMeAnz Website ~~ Worth Being Saved ?
                                        Where's The Sensible Saviour ?
Doesn't it always seem to be, that you really don't know what you have until it's gone;  and then it's too late;  difficult or impossible to retrieve.

Thanks to Cliff going out on a ledge and starting this all important thread;  there is a platform here, for everyone to engage in discussion about this all important topic.

Well, it's been 444 days and no comments have yet been made, regarding the suggested saviour for this site  and/or  whether this site is worth saving.

No worries, the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me) is here to stir up some Seriously Helpful Innovative Tactics, which hopefully will generate enthusiasm within all of you, to create some ideas of your own, helping utilise this site to the fullest.  Or, select from the tactics listed below;  one you are most capable of implementing and give it a go.

~~    For instance, if any of you, working closely with school youths, could help them place their academic extracurricular activities on the Official Events Calendar Advert page  @ ~~  this would embolden the students to take charge of upcoming school activities and advertise on the community web. It certainly is advantageous, to help promote those events and also energise this site;  It's a win for everyone, right.

~~    The Karamea (In touch with our Community) Chronicle is an excellent local source of information, with special upcoming community activities included there. The publishers were very helpful (in the past) when politely asked to share (COVID-19 Special FREE Editions) with the KaraMeAnz web, they did.  This is an excellent local source to work together with, sharing information back and forth.  So, when you advertise your special upcoming events at the Chronicle, be sure to politely ask the Information & Resource Centre to help promote the KaraMeAnz website by adding such, to the Official Events Calendar Advert page  @ ~~ Or, of course (if you are able) add the events to the Calendar yourself and help utilise this site to the fullest;   it definitely is a wise move to make and might garner the attention of another demographic:   those who conveniently depend on the web  @ ~~  for notification of such community activities.

~~    A jaw-dropping, neck-wrenching, eye-catching poster (patiently waiting in queue) specifically designed and intended to help promote \ draw extra special attention to the community website, is a brilliant idea and the sooner this poster is actually,

"...included as a regular feature in The Chronicle and out and about on community notice boards etc...",  (as announced by LizK in August 2019)

the sooner more KaraMeAnz at least will know that a Beautifully Vibrant (including "Free Advertising") website  @ ~~  is available to put to good use.  Unfortunately, this positively simple idea, has not yet been implemented and with no explanation;  without rhyme or reason, this brilliant idea was abruptly abandoned.  So, the eye-catching poster "...regular feature in The Chronicle..." idea,  is still open for someone with fortitude, talent, and skill, to help bring this idea to life, for the sake of  "Such a splendid site that's right there, for you all to check out, if you dare." - Character Cloud

So, with all these local sources available (that are more akin to the free spirited community volunteer driven entity of the KaraMeAnz website), there really is no need for any sort of electronic umbilical link, with that faceless cannibalistic greedy corporation, whose Zucker sucks the life out of everything on "site" under the guise of "free" and by way of targeted advertisements, gains an extra buck or two, for selling out valuable personal data of innocent everyday people, world wide.  And so, it makes perfect sense, to utilise local sources to the fullest;  There's no need to even consider booking travels, crossing over to the DarkSide's murky mucked up, greedy corporate page.

Currently, plenty of available space exists on the Events Banner, to place another poster there, at least until a torrent of upcoming activities floods in once again.  Website Technician, would you take care, please, to place this dramatically bold poster there, to help focus attention on this poignant forum thread;  quick, before this topic again slips away, into oblivion.

Would like to note the importance of preserving this lovely site;  it is an asset for the small community of website users ~~ a possible archive for the multitude of contributors' content (past & present) ~~ an interesting destination for all those visiting viewers ~~~ Perhaps it is well worth the effort, to help keep this lovely site alive.

So, it may be fair to say, The Sensible Saviours of this WEB really are,  the rest of you out there ~~ the positive contributing care givers of this beautiful SITE.  Again, thanks to Cliff for going out on a ledge and starting the conversation about this all important topical thread.

Hopefully, the greatest reward for volunteering your valuable time, is the satisfaction of knowing, your ongoing positive efforts, are helping to keep this site look alive.  ~ ~ ~ ~

[ original photo credit ~ Photography Competition 2013 ]

kathy 28 Mar 2021

I really like this website and will endeavour to use it more.

Liz K 29 Mar 2021

[The moderator has removed three comments that it was felt breached the User Guidelines. The question of Facebook Integration remains a useful discussion nevertheless.]

muritai 30 Mar 2021

[The moderator has removed three comments that it was felt breached the User Guidelines. The question of Facebook Integration remains a useful discussion nevertheless.]

Liz K 30 Mar 2021

[The moderator has removed three comments that it was felt breached the User Guidelines. The question of Facebook Integration remains a useful discussion nevertheless.]

Liz K 30 Mar 2021

Radek - would it be possible to have some info on users to this site to gauge an idea of how frequently it's being used?

Radek 01 Apr 2021

The site gets about 2,200 visitors per month.

muritai 21 Apr 2021

21~04~21        Scrape Clean Everything~~Sanitise All~~Start Anew

Excuse me just for a moment, please:  Cliff, Radek and kathy;  my presence here today, is purposefully to state the TRUTHful\FACTS about what happened and most important:  to efficiently help clean up, the festering remnants (which still exist) of the "Inappropriate Comments" which were posted by LizK on 29 March 2021.  So, bear with me, please;  the clean-up should be mighty swift (depending, of course, on diligent assistance from LizK).

Have returned here because, the FORUM THREAD which was specifically provided (on 04~04~21) to engage in dialogue about such, was urgently eliminated (on 10 April 2021).  What User Guidelines were breached, to justify that FORUM THREAD being totally eliminated?  Was it censored, solely on the grounds of somebodies personal opinion decision?

This is quite peculiar because,  prior to that FORUM THREAD being removed:  Posted on precisely 05~04~2021,  A website user (Dave) was freely able to sign in and seamlessly began to criticise the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me).

So, the FORUM THREAD (in its entirety, including the topic heading) was perfectly fine to exist, while Dave added critical comments there.

Also, precisely on 05~04~2021,  another comment promptly appeared;  thus, an ongoing conversation was beginning to grow on that FORUM THREAD;  this time, from none other than, the self-appointed Moderator.

So, the FORUM THREAD was perfectly fine to exist (in its entirety, including the topic heading), while these two individuals found it useful, when adding their comments there.   However, as soon as an invitation from me, (posted 10 April 2021)  encouraging LizK to join the conversation,  the FORUM THREAD was obliterated within a few hours;  probably even before the invitation had a chance to be read, by other web users.

There is definitely a discussion needed to be continued, regarding important relevant information already contained on that FORUM THREAD, as well as addressing the issue of recent censorship;  and the best place for that discussion to continue, is on the FORUM THREAD (that was totally obliterated),  which should be reinstated.

So, to the self-appointed Now Censorship\Moderator, or whomever has the power ( Website Administrator ) to initiate my request, please reinstate the FORUM THREAD entitled:  KaraMeAnz Web LizK Caustic Comments Conclusion? (originated 04~04~2021).  

Censorship is definitely not the solution;  More dialogue is essential for a better understanding among others;  striving for a peaceful environment in which to communicate and reach a possible consensus.

Will you take care to reinstate that FORUM, in an expeditious manner, please;  so other website users will get a chance to read the comments and\or respond on that FORUM THREAD;  thus, intellectually arriving at their own conclusions.  

While you take care of that, the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me) will continue to efficiently help clean up, the festering remnants of the "Inappropriate Comments" (which still exist) posted 29 March 2021.

You are all welcome \ invited to join in the conversation;  if you've a mind to. 

A simple  "yes" (or) "no"  comment;  sure would add to the dialogue and possibly help resolve \ improve any ongoing positive website support. ~ ~ ~

bcorner 22 Apr 2021

Thanks, Radek. Is this number fairly consistent from month to month, or do you see a trend in visitor numbers, either up or down?

bcorner 22 Apr 2021

I continue to find the community website very useful, but I lean towards removal of the Forum pages altogether. Community discussions are happening on a daily basis in Facebook groups for those who wish to have a public forum. There is a choice between largely unmoderated, public (Karamea Locals) and lightly moderated, private (Karamea Community) groups.

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