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muritai 04 Apr 2020


Have taken a moment to study, the Directory Listings Layout and conclude that whatever awkward scramble that might have been there before, is obviously there no more.

That task has camped on the KaraMeAnz website what's left To-Do List, since Boxing Day 2018. Now's a good time as any, to flag that point concerning the layout, as being irrelevant and set it up soon, to be lined through.

Thanks to the Webmaster's diligence in giving that scramble an extra special technical tweak, the Directory Listings Layout pages look mighty sweet.

Have provided a sample which shows, the Directory pages are quite nicely displayed, in this current configuration. As evidenced by the efficient manner in which the images all slide into place; it's exhausting to imagine there's anything more that could be done, to possibly improve this current one.

When the browser screen changes size, the images on the Directory Layout also adjust and either move to the centre of the page (above the text), or quickly align with the left side margin. (Of course, this depends on where the specific image was originally placed.)

All KaraMeAnz are welcome to comment here at this open forum, in case there's something I've missed, regarding the Directory Listings Layout.

NOTICE:  The images that appear in the mock-up\display below, are simply special extras, placed there for the sake of adding variety and having some fun filling in blank spaces.

This does not affect the point being made, specific to the browser screen changing size and to where the images go (quite nicely displayed) as shown in the sample below.
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