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muritai 07 Oct 2019

 muritai  21 Sep 2019

Now that's an idea worth taking the time to pursue.

Would like to offer a poster drawing and sure would welcome those KaraMeAnz with an artistic flair, to also present a poster here, in this special artwork request forum.

It positively would be prudent, to have a spare sketch or two in queue, so one could be exchanged with another, to help keep things looking anew.

If this drawing's not what you had in mind, no worries it will patiently wait here, until such time that it may be useful elsewhere.

   [>..On second thought, there is no other use elsewhere, for this eye-catching colourful drawing, specifically designed and intended to help promote the community website. So, the sooner this drawing is, "...included as a regular feature in The Chronicle and out and about on community notice boards etc...", the sooner KaraMeAnz at least will know that a Beautifully Vibrant and Free website is available to put to good use, if they please, here at

   Very much looking forward to seeing this eye-catching colourful poster being placed here and there, particularly drawing attention to  ~ ~ ~  that's what it's all about, right..<]

Taking turns, having fun, posting "news" drawings around here and there; what better way to share, in getting the word out there.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Liz K 08 Oct 2019

Thanks Muritai... keep an eye out and about.

and yes quite right, this is an open forever offer to anyone who enjoys getting creative and helping our community thrive :D

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