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kathy 10 Apr 2021

I would like to attend this meeting. I would prefer 1 pm.

bcorner 10 Apr 2021

I look forward to attending as well. 1pm works better for me, but can do other times. Appreciate all the hard work that has been going on behind the scenes.

muritai 03 May 2021

03~05~2021            Website Meeting: Moderators ~ May 2021

Suppose just for a moment, this forum currently entitled Community Website Meeting was instead entitled:  Website Meeting: Moderators ~ May 2021.

~  The discussion specifically about moderating this site, could actually begin straight away,  in May.   No need to figure out who can be where, and when.

~  Any one of the website users;  contributors;  viewers;  would (at their convenience) be able to comment about this topic,  whenever they have time.

~  There is no need for a stenographer jotting down minutes of this meeting, because all comments are transparently here, for everyone to review and also add their thoughts, on the topic of this forum thread, if they've a mind to.

~  The discussion would definitely attract those, who are truly dedicated to engage in sharing their ideas here, and everyone by their own admission, would show what they have to say;  No need to wonder who said what.

Thus,  if this Website Meeting: Moderators ~ May 2021,  is talked out (however long it takes), and a conclusion is reached (that would best serve this community branded web);  then,

another separate forum could be opened, maybe entitled Website Meeting: User Guidelines (or something else) ~ May 2021, and so on ...

In this way, other specific topics regarding the care of this site, could be addressed by every website user;  so everyone takes part, in the positively constructive care giving for the KaraMeAnz web  @ ~ ~

Just thought it would be a practical \ novel idea, for this rather unique site;  from the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me).  ~ ~ ~

hamishmacbeth 03 May 2021

I am confirming that a community meeting will be held at the RSA Community Hall at 7.30 pm on Thursday 6th May. I am sorry if it might not suit you all, but it is a busy week for me and the best that I can do.

The three items which I previously identified will be discussed,

  • Whether this site serves a useful purpose?
  • Who needs to be involved – organisations and individuals?
  • Who is willing to take an active role?

as well as other items brought forward on the night. Please let me know if you are unable to attend but have something you want to say.



muritai 04 May 2021

04~05~2021            Transparently New ~~ Practically Suited

Food For Thought:

Here is an interesting \ practical comment, from the Website Technician, that was included in the minutes from the last Website Meeting on 7 August 2019:

    Radek - the website forum should be used for all discussions about this website to keep transparency ...

That idea seems to be a whole lot more inclusive, for all website users to easily express their ideas\suggestions on a forum, specifically regarding:   "the website";   and,

without having to leave their comfortable cozy homes;  venture out after dark, on a cold winter's eve;  journey across  hill\river\dale, only to arrive at a freezing cold room, for a late night hour or two, meeting.

The prospects for attending that meeting, might even be cut by a few, just because of the inconvenient circumstances;  when, in fact, it could all be discussed \ documented on the web  @ ~ ~

Plus, those  behind-closed-door-opaque-meetings,  have not bode well in the past  ~~  What say we try something transparently new and practically suited for all website users, to easily engage in the conversation,  if \ when they have an interest to.  ~ ~ ~ ~

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