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Liz K 22 Feb 2021

Articles, stories and news wanted for the Karamea Chronicle.

Please get in touch with the team at Karamea Information and Resource Centre on infoatkarameainfo [dot] co [dot] nz with your ideas :)

Liz K 22 Feb 2021

Volunteer for Winter School!

Karamea Winter School is a month of knowledge and skill sharing workshops usually held annually in June. It is organised by the volunteers of the Karamea Community Arts Council and various other local volunteers.

Local tutors donate their time, and all workshops are free to attend, except for the cost of any materials used. Winter School is for the residents of the Karamea area and is run by the residents of the Karamea area.

Our diverse community has many talented people, and we wish to encourage local people to share their skills and creativity.

Opoortunities to volunteer:

  • event promotion
  • venue support
  • lead a workshop or talk
  • write a story about a winter school event you attended
  • take photos

For more info please get in touch with Karamea Community Arts Council on karameaartscouncilatyahoo [dot] com or via the Karamea Arts Council facebook page

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