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dguppy 07 Aug 2019

Well considered Hamish. Hopefully generates some thoughtful response. I cant imagine there will be much empathy from a foreign corporate interest in 10 years who will be weighing up the dollars and sense of carting a product to market. Good scheme to consider value adding at the source and invest in marketing. It has been discussed for as long as we have been here but maybe this could be a catalyst.

Peter Langford 16 Aug 2019

Something farmers have considered briefly over the last 6 months but it is a big ask to go from putting your milk in a tanker to building your own facility, finding staff, financing the whole package, marketing products, and that is all IF you can comply with NZ regulations and get the required consents in the first place. Could be a step too far for some time. In the mean time we have some special people crating great cheeses in Karamea.

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