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sugilite 18 Mar 2017

1. Computer Support  - Anthony 021 02741194 - Will trade for firewood and/or fresh produce!

Radek 18 Mar 2017

Hi Anthony, welcome to Karamea.

Computer support skills are really needed and welcome here, I am sure there is be plenty of work for you.

It may be good to place an advert in the online Notice Board and also at the Four Square and Information Centre notice boards to get the word out.


dguppy 18 Mar 2017

We often have fresh produce from our largish vege gaden and need computer skills at times. Will keep in touch on that one. I have a range of chainsaw skills, including tree felling and windfall experience. dont own a particularly big saw but can use one if sourced. Plenty of things we would trade for, particularly meat, timber, fruit.

David Guppy

sugilite 18 Mar 2017

Cheers David,

Sounds great, I have added your skills to post one!


sugilite 18 Mar 2017

Thanks for the Welcome Radek. Thanks for the tips!



Liz K 19 Mar 2017

Hi and thanks Anthony for starting the thread..

We're just along the South Terrace from you, still in set up phase finishing off a barn and planning permaculture systems for food, livestock etc.

Interested in labour exchange, swapping produce, seeeds, plants, tools, timber, building resources, advice, 

Like many here we have heaps of skills and not many liquid assets ($$): permaculture, cooking, building, arc welding, project/event organisation, childcare, teaching, alternative currencies

You'll find us making manuka fired pizzas at the Bush Lounge whenever there's a gig on :)

Also interested in a 'Karamea Made' brand which down the line may be useful for us when we'e producing more (food/craft) - don't currently have the time to develop this but would support those who do.

Liz & Dion 02040031983

sacha 19 Mar 2017

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the initiative and getting this started, Anthony.

My skills are: listening, talking, support, envisioning, advocacy, inspiration phase ... particularly in the areas of community development, permaculture, human, animal and earth rights, localism, compassion, diversity.

Physical skills: gardening, massage, home help, cooking, running workshops, dance and acroyoga. I am a certified permaculture instructor, and certified EFT practitioner.

Interested in support with herbalism knowledge, chainsawing, myriad resources eg building, gardening, mulching materials, and lots of other things - I'm interested in local economy, so as much as possible!

Be well!


sugilite 20 Mar 2017

Liz K wrote:

Also interested in a 'Karamea Made' brand which down the line may be useful for us when we'e producing more (food/craft) - don't currently have the time to develop this but would support those who do.

Liz & Dion 02040031983

Hi Liz & Dion, what a great set of skills! I have added your names and contact to the list above.

Cannot wait for a gig to come up now, those pizzas sound awesome! :D

sugilite 20 Mar 2017

Hi Sacha,

Thanks for your input and wonderful skill sets! I have added them to the master list. I'm thinking it is a good idea to add in your contact details, either email address or phone number. Reason being I'm hoping this list will start to get printed and when the bush telegraph kicks in and your skills are required - people can contact you outside the internet. My one, two, five, ten cents worth!

shona 20 Mar 2017

Love this idea having seen the freecycle set up in Bristol, in the Uk and have often thought it may be a way forward for karamea.

I am a qualified TEFL teacher with over 20 years experience, I teach yoga here in Karamea and Little Wanganui and can offer private sessions including aerial yoga as well as rehabilitative sessions in return for fesh produce (not veggies or fruit which I have in abundance) I have taken the permaculture design course and follow permaculture principles in my garden and can advise accordingly. Have previously been a lifeline counsellor as well as studying psychotherapy. Can offer teaching, yoga, baking, seamstress and gardening skills in addition to listening and counselling.

Many thanks. Contact details - phone 7826087.


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