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dguppy 22 Sep 2015

I have looked back over our photos over the last couple of years and havnt got anything too great compared to years previous...... got me thinking that

1) Would love to get back into photographing

2) Would a photography plan for this year be useful ie/ getting the key photographers to make sure all the key aspects of the fetival are well captured. There have been some amazing photos over the years but sometimes some great moments or installations are not captured (or at least shared)due to the random nature of when cameras are picked up and where they are pointed.

3) It would be safe to assume that there are many great shots that we dont get to see, some are posted on facebook but there may be some taken that dont make it to shared spaces. Maybe we can make an incentive for these to be uploaded to a common site ( facebook, karamea wesite, other options).

Aside from that, I shall delve into the archives for worthy tee shirt, marketing etc.. shots

Raramai 21 Nov 2015

i figured this kinda went in there with 'visuals' - i wanted to ask if anyone had any thoughts on themes/colours this year (last year was orange, purple and naturals if I remember correctly). i'm thinking that with friday 13th and valentines day, that there could be a red ccolour scheme in there? just a thought. also wondred if anyone was keen on working on the glo-zone - Kath...are you on the forum??

dguppy 22 Nov 2015

Gonna head down and cook some steaks, spuds and saussies with some salad and sunset sunshine ( possibly showers???)........on a spontaneous sunday arvo escapade and could mull such things a colour schemes while down there.

Come along if ya get the message in time ( 3pm ish now)


dguppy 23 Nov 2015

So went down to the reserve and pondered colours.......that side of things not really my forte but red sure would look good in there.

Be good to make the call to give the creative bunnies something to work towards.


Mary Bell 23 Nov 2015

I really do not think red is the colour of the Oparara. I get the whole valentines... maybe red lantern for lights etc.... but as far as fabric goes The Oparara has another energy than red in my view.   Summer festive..... colours would have orange in there... but red is such an angry colour too.... think bull fighting.... we are way calmer than this I reckon   <3

dguppy 23 Nov 2015

We could pick five colours, send out a voting paper and get people to rank them in order of preference........

SS Ferneliza 24 Nov 2015

maybe we should hold a referendum to see if we really want a colour at all!?! Ha, just kidding!!  

I love red, I love orange and yellow. Hot hot  They would compliment the greeness of Oparara?


 I like the idea of lots of bright colours, all of them, everywhere.  I didnt notice the purple orange thing come through at all last year, except the lovely hanging, Gary and Mary made.

Raramai 24 Nov 2015

More than happy for someone else to make a decision about colours. The reasons I mentioned it are 1. There was a feedback comment a few years back that there was no theme, due to that I believe orange and purple (and naturals) were used, but I'm not sure it worked as a 'theme' (Liz, can you comment?). 2. discussion on this forum had gone stagnant, and with just over 10 weeks to go I would like to get cracking now rather than when I am up to my neck with work (hospitality and tomatoes will be all-consuming shortly). 3. I thought of red as a starting point to tie in both Friday 13th and Valentines day. Colours are subjective and have different meanings for different people. I wasn't suggesting the whole of the Oparara be covered in it like a Christo and Jeanne Claude artwork, and as we know there will be a plethora of colour everywhere, as is usual for any of our festivals. Red doesn't equal anger to me - I mean this website is red and it isn't an angry website, is it? And of course there are many shades of red, ie deep dark rose red, blood red etc. 'Karamea' also means red ochre, and red is the colour our Karamea sports teams use. Oparara is it's own colour, but we add to that for a couple of days, then we try to leave it in it's natural state again.

so, questions....

do we want a theme? suggestions please?

do we want to use colours to help portray that theme? it seems most people like warm colours.

do we want to acknowledge Friday 13th?

do we want to acknowledge valentine's day?

I would also like to suggest an idea for the glo-zone - I am thinking of a large white glowing spider-web at the top with creepy crawlies hanging down. any thoughts?

dguppy 24 Nov 2015

 I'm voting Red ( happy Red that is), Orange and Yellow if there is a theme to be, lets get making.......

Spider web glowzone sounds fun

Creepy crawly workshop on the Friday/Saturday? Maybe Laura and Kaia up for that in the kidzone if we give them materials, kids hang them up for the night then pick them up Sunday?

Always love the big flags on long bamboo flanking the drive in

desmo 24 Nov 2015

Ducati Red like . Sounds like a great idea .


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