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Laura 24 Nov 2015

Hey thanks for the link.... I think some time scheduled workshops would be excellent...last year there was a guy who was soooo keen to do a drumming workshop with the kids if there were drums available. I think he's in my facebook friend list and can look him up on Friday when I have time.

Debs has told me a kids disco was a good idea, for the older kids, say on Friday or Saturday evening (or both!). I have a small P.A. that can go towards this (150 Watts) provided there's a powerpoint in the kidzone and a tent or something in case it rains. Another thing needed for this would be a device that plays music to plug into the system, as well as a small team of adults who want to take turns supervising. I'm quite happy to do this, as long as we can take turns in case I'm playing with "Where's Guppy?" (lol) or my solo set. 

Another ideaI had was to have a big big dress up with all the kids on Saturday afternoon, combined with the facepainting. Then early evening a parade around the field, when they're all dressed up....the main "needage" for this would be to start gathering lots and lots of dress up clothes, so by the time the festival is on, we'll have heaps. If a few peeps can keep their ears and eyes open this could work I reckon....

Apart from that, the mega bubbles can be done again, thinking of trying out with sticks and strings at home....just so the bubbles can be bigger than mega. Also what Guppy said above, to keep the good things going, the rock painting, facepainting and interactive workshops. Anyone have more ideas for possible workshops for kids??? 

Re: climbing structure I thought the one we had in 2014 was epic, e.g. all bits were safe to climb on. 

ehm.... yeah who's got some feedback and ideas !!! 



dwagner 25 Nov 2015

KIDS DISCO! Awesome. I am happy to be adult supervisuals at some point. Ooops supervision I mean :) We may even be able to wrangle playlist from Ben Lodge as he is DJing at the school disco and should have scored heaps of music from the kids. Will chase up when at school next.

Dress ups sounds great too. Will keep an eye out for cool stuff. Will be back on this page when more comes to mind.


Raramai 30 Nov 2015

I liked the idea that came up in the visuals forum....I was planning on making a giant spider web in the glo-zone, and I think it was Guppy's suggestion that maybe the kids would like to do a workshop making creepy crawlies on Saturday, and then take them home with them on Sunday. I will keep aside some material that will glo in the dark if otherss think this is a good idea.

Mary Bell 30 Nov 2015

Sounds awesome! Good on you Ra, Think creepy crawlies would look great. Cath had a idea of bottle fish painted...... they could be in the workshop maybe..... she saw them on you tube I think.... they look easy and just need to upcycle a drink bottle  and add paint.... that could be part of an installation too...... school project first so perhaps some of the Karamea kids will help lead some of the festival kids in the kids zone even.....    I Love it how the Karamea crew thinks of the children XXX

Raramai 01 Dec 2015

what's the school project Mary?

dguppy 01 Dec 2015

School project along the lines of doing a workshop with Karamea kids before the festival? Debs did this sort of thing last year a couple of weeks before the festival onsite, at the reserve, in the sun. Was a great day and we used all those kids art pices to decorate the kidzone. So would be cool to come up with concept projects and have a go pre festival..... good plan.........

Laura 02 Dec 2015

Hi all,

creepy crawly / upcycled bottle ide sounds awesome, especially if they were glow in the dark.... as for a pre festival workshop with the kids, I'll be happy to help out for that like last year. 

Also : To Raramai, I have read in one of the emails you are involved in the safety zone....what I was wondering would it be a good idea to "convert" kidzone tent into safety zone tent after hours, or is a safety zone meant to be 24 hours? Do you have an idea on whether this could work or not? 

Cheers :)


dwagner 02 Dec 2015

Hi there,

Happy  to do a pre-festival art workshop with kids again like we did last year. Was pretty cool as there were a few keen parents amongst the kids and Laura which is always awesome :) Happy to formulate a plan with those interested in helping. Would be good to also come up with some art around the kid zone  along with the glow zone. Any theme in mind for the kid zone? I do like the idea of fish for some reason or somehow tying in what ever the main structure of the kid zone is which the flying fox runs off.....tying that in with the art. Thoughts?


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