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shona 26 Nov 2015

am keen to be part of this - am planning on growing lots of veggies to bring, helping out during the festy and before with set up. Count me in!

Raramai 03 Dec 2015

Nice one Debs. I am able to offer a couple of hours on the counter on one of the days. Friday daytime suits best if you are planning a roster. Would like to make lemonade for sale if that works. I'm sure we will all be busy with everything going on but I hope the crew will pitch in and help out where they can because the community kitchen is an awesome initiative

dwagner 10 Dec 2015

Hi everyone,


Hope all is well as summer is here and the solstice is just around the corner. Many celebrations will be happening over the next wee while which will lead in quite nicely to our very own Resonance Festival here in Karamea. Plans and creations are well underway with only 2 months to go before we are all back together for some magical fun (for ALL ages) at the Oparara Reserve.


With this in mind I would like to put out there that there is a fantastic opportunity for a community café to be created and enjoyed by all interested community parties during the festival weekend. We have done this for the past few years and it has been a great way to enjoy the festival while hanging out with friends and selling locally produced, homemade savouries, sweets, treats and anything in between.....AND meeting all kinds of people along the way!


We will provide a covered, funky, Karamea styles space for people to sell from. All you need to do is buy a EARLY BIRD ticket (preferably) if you are not part of the crew already and get busy creating some yummy local goodness to sell while having a damn good time :)


Please get in touch by January 15th if you are interested and let me know what you will be selling as space will be limited. Once numbers are confirmed we can work out a roster system so people can take turns to run the café and cruise around the festival enjoying workshops and music throughout the weekend. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks Heaps,


dwagner 03 Jan 2016

Hi everyone, Hoping this finds you well and full of holiday happiness :)

I have recently caught up with Dion and we have decided that due to lack of interest we are going to step down from creating and running the Community Cafe this year. It is rather unfortunate but perhaps it just needs a year off in order to rejuvinate itself. Thank you to those who did show a bit of interest, there is still opportunity for you to create a space and run your own stall if you are keen so get your early bird ticket and get busy baking, making and creating!

Cheers everyone,


shona 06 Jan 2016

Having chatted with Tim today, have come up with some ideas which might make the catering for crew as well as the chance to sell own produce easier to achieve. Hope to see you on Friday to share these and get some good cooking started!

dwagner 18 Jan 2016


Anyone out there have any large candle burning lanterns? If so, I am looking for as many as possible to use in the Community Cafe space and would love to borrow them. Please let me know if you have and are willing to let us borrow these.


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