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Mary Bell 25 May 2016

Hi James. Mary here. I live in Granity on the way through to Karamea. I have fallen in love with Karamea and the community and I think your message was so open and honest that I wanted to welcome you and wish you all the best. The community I have found in Karamea as well as the energy of the land is so different to that which I live in one hours drive away. Karamea has magic. I hope you find some and settle in and enjoy your trial in Karamea. I hope we see you round and I hope you find a place to dwell with your house cats. Good on ya for checking out the forum and putting your self on the line as an introduction. Welcome. Haere mai. Mary

hamishmacbeth 26 May 2016

Hi James

I have heard of a couple of rental opportunities if you want to contact me directly. Give me a call on 03 7826 888 or email me at hlmacbethatyahoo [dot] com [dot] au

Good luck


James82 26 May 2016

Thank you Mary for the kind words, It is a lovely place and I hope I can find a way to make it work. I felt that reaching out via this forum, chatting with locals and being upfront about me and what im hoping to do would be the best way forward. My sister inlaws mother Grew up in Karamea and has been encouraging me also. thanks also hlmacbeth, I have emailed you about the potential rentals. Also a few private messages of encouragement have come thru the forum to me and I appreciate it greatly. Any advice or questions welcome, I just wish to give it a decent go.

SS Ferneliza 26 May 2016

Hi James, 

I know of a woman here who has been trying to get someone to build a fence for her, could be a "big" job, ie some serious post holes and a quality fence, but if you were able to implement the whole job from start to finish she would be well keen to hear from ya???

I can pass on your details if you are keen.

Cheers Sina, I think you have our email? 

James82 26 May 2016

thank you for the tip Sina, I have your email address yep, with the fence itself they can be quite variable in what they require, also not being in the area yet I have no bearings on building supplys for the area, but if/when i manage to get down there it could be something i could do but as i said hard to judge from here but will keep it in mind and id be happy to look at it. And thank you Ema, I will send you an email :)

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