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muritai 09 Dec 2019


Hello KaraMeAnz look what I found; did any of you see this, too? I'm sure the Webmaster would have interest in hearing from you.

Last night while peacefully cruising this lovely site, a subject matter about spam, splattered across the screen, something which I've not ever seen. Frightened by that, I quit the cruising and got out of there quick.

While catching my breath for a sec, this thought came to mind. What if other visitors to the website did the same; just quit, got out and ignored the problem, which goes unreported, then the glitch would not get fixed.

So, armed with a computer code shortcut, I returned to the site once more, in search of the splatter about spam matter, that frightened the sweet BEATLES tune outta me.

And there it was, just as before, spread across the screen. So, quickly snapped a screen shot which is captured here to be seen. Hope it will HELP to resolve the matter about spam alert, that splattered on to the scene.

Well, Webmaster, if you believe all that and still intend to check that out, may a shower of power be with you on your quest, to hopefully help fix this glitch.
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Radek 10 Dec 2019

Thanks for reporting this Muritai, I am already looking into this as someone else experienced the same problem a few days ago.

Radek 22 Dec 2019

The problem should now be resolved. Please let me know of any other errors/problems so they can also be addressed.

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