Qi Gong

Karamea Bowling Club
(03) 782 6808

Wednesday 12th, Friday 14th , Wednesday 19th ,Friday 21st, Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th June.  2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Qi Gong

Qi gong is an all round aerobic exercise that flexes all the muscles and rotates all the joints in a gentle way. Suitable for all ages and abilities

Matching breathing with movement, the mind is stilled and focused and you can experience the meditation in the movement. Loose comfortable clothing, and warm socks are ideal. You need to feel the floor beneath your feet.

Tutor: Claire Insley

Venue: Karamea Bowling Club

Cost: $5

Questions: Contact  Claire on 021 0244 7907 or

rainbowclaire1968atgmail [dot] com

Please register by: Phoning Kathy 7826 808 or email to  karameaartscouncilatyahoo [dot] com

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