Karamea All Breeds Cattle Show

Karamea Domain
Gold Coin Donation
(03) 782 6041

The annual Agricultural show held at the Karamea Domain.  Trade sites & side shows will be there along with the cattle for the public to view while they are competiting.

Karamea All Breeds Cattle Club Show 2020 Schedule

Class 1 Children’s Care & Handling Calf:  
Class 2 Children’s Care & Handling Yearling 
Class 3 Cow 5years& over 
Class 4 Cow 4yrs 
Class 5 Cow 3yrs 
Class 6 Cow 2yrs 

Champion & Reserve Jersey Cow  (winners from 3,4,5,6 Jersey breed only) 
Champion & Reserve Dairy Cow All Breeds (from winners of classes 3,4,5,6) 

Class 7 Best Udder 
Class 8 Two or more Females in Milk progeny one Sire 
Class 9 Best 2 Females in Milk 4yrs & under 
Class 10 Best 2 Females in Milk 5yrs & over 
Class 11 Cow with one or more Progeny 
Class 12 Type and Production 
Class 13 Heifer (dairy) one year 
Class 14 Heifer (dairy) Calf 

Champion and Reserve Junior Dairy  (from winners of classes 13 &14) 

Class 15 Beef 1yrs old
Class 16 Heifer Beef Calf  
Class 17 Bull or Steer Beef Calf 

Champion & Reserve Junior Beef (from winners of classes 15,16,17) 

Class 19 Junior Group 2 Females/1 male 
Class 20 Junior Breeders Yearling Care Handling/Type 
Best Presented Cow (judges choice of one cow competing at the show) 
Please Note all cattle are to be TB tested before they can compete and must have NAIT tag in their ear. 
It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange for the cattle to be TB tested. 
Please send your entries to:

Jennifer Hislop dahislopathotmail [dot] com or
phone 782-6041

For more up to date information follow the Karamea All Breeds Cattle Club Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Karameajerseybreeders/


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