Introduction to Audio Engineering

Karamea Bowling Club
Gold Coin Koha
(03) 782 6808

Thursday 6th June 5pm to 7pm

Introduction to Audio Engineering

Do you love going to see bands and DJ's and want to be part of the team who make it happen?

Every good musical act needs someone who knows what they're doing with the technical side of things, so that things sound good are run safely, and everyone has a great time.

Audio Engineering is the art of making good music sound great. This seminar will teach you the basics of setting up, plugging in, understanding how to use a mixing desk for live bands and DJ's. We'll discuss mixing sound in a live situation, DJ'ing, troubleshooting problems and how to look after gear so that your first gig, isn't your last! Learn how a bit of basic know-how can make a good band sound great, make you confident to organise events yourself, and what it really takes to run a gig and have a good time doing it.

About the tutor: Aaron Cross has been a been a musician, producer and sound system operator for 25 years. He has played at pubs, cafes, dance parties and festivals as a songwriter/producer, and has taught music to individuals and groups of all ages.

Venue: Karamea Bowling Club

Cost: Koha

Questions: Email Aaron on falconstoneinteractivatgmail [dot] com

Registration is essential for this workshop: Phone Kathy 7826 808 or email karameaartscouncilatyahoo [dot] com

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