BDC Rates Review - Community Submission

Available at Info Centre, Four Square & LWH
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Greetings All,

BDC Rates Review - Community Submission

Please find attached a Community Submission prepared by myself on behalf of those impacted as a result of the recent Rates Review.  Copies are also located at Info Centre, Four Square and Little Wanganui Hotel for viewing and for those who want to support a signatory document needs to be signed from all supporters.  This means if you do want to support you will need to call at one of these venues to sign supporting signatory document.  For more information you can search Karamea/Little Wanganui Rates Review Forum on Facebook. I would also like to encourage those impacted to also complete your own submission which must arrive at BDC by 4.30pm next Friday 19th February 2021.  You can email your submission to ratesreviewatbdc [dot] govt [dot] nz.

You have until midday on Thursday 18th February 2021 to sign supporting signatory document should you elect to support my Community Submission.

Thanks All.


Dave Sanders

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