A Civil Defence Plan in place is the responsibility of the Buller District Council, the West Coast Regional Council and the New Zealand Government. Preparedness to deploy such a plan is the responsibility of communities like Karamea.

The Karamea community is prepared for a Civil Defence (CD) emergency. A CD Plan is in place. Some queries about how it works were highlighted in the Karamea Profile in 2007. It became clear that some people were not well informed about Civil Defence, partly because there is a high turnover of population (40% change every five years).

One of the tasks identified for the Community Development worker is to work with the BDC and Karamea’s local CD team to present and promote the plan at the community level.

CD planning has a number of layers – national, regional, district and local. The WCRC takes responsibility for regional concerns and the BDC manages the district level. There is a local CD Plan and committee who take responsibility if an emergency arises within our area (Corbyvale and north of the Bluffs).

This team then involves key players such as the Fire Service, DOC, the Police, the Medical Centre and St. John Ambulance. Many other pivotal people, serving as our local Civil Defence Wardens and Welfare Managers, will also play important roles in providing support and emergency aid as needs are identified and required. As well, CD mock disaster exercises are scheduled in order to test our systems and people.

In the event of a serious earthquake, for example, we could be cut off from the rest of the West Coast for days, even weeks. Therefore, we must be ready IN ADVANCE! Preparedness is the key factor.

Documents for Civil Defence action are at the DOC offices on Waverly Street. The list of locally designated CD Wardens and a contact ‘tree directory’ (PDF file) are also on hand in order to rally key people during a community emergency. Immediate and long-term service support is all a part of the Civil Defence plan for the greater Karamea area during a major crisis event.

Public awareness (regarding preparedness and execution of emergency procedures) can ensure that Karamea and Little Wanganui endure a natural disaster event with minimal crisis. Therefore, please do read and follow all CD hand-out advice. Then store it someplace handy where it will be easy to find.

More Civil Defence information can be found on the inside cover of your phone book.
Also, these internet websites are most helpful:

In the event of an emergency, these radio stations will be broadcasting information to advise and assist:

Coast FM 93.5    Scenicland AM 1287    Karamea Community Radio FM 107.5

(last updated Aug 15, 2009)

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