Winter School - What is it about? 

The concept of Winter School is simply ‘Knowledge Sharing’. 

This is the seventh year Winter School has been organised by the Arts Council with a break last year due to COVID. It was inspired by Elisabeth Frankish in 2013, who had previously organised Summer and Winter School knowledge swap workshops in Karamea.

In April each year, we advertise for volunteers who would like to run workshops. We compile that into brochures and aim to spread these around the community during May in time for people to plan to get to workshops all throughout June.

Winter School is facilitated by the Arts Council but relies on individuals volunteering their time to tutor. 

Many are at beginner or introductory level. Some are held more than once in June, and some may lead on to more permanent groups forming in the future. We aim for most workshops to be free, or a cost for materials only.

We apply to Buller Creative Communities for funding to pay for venue hire. This means tutors can concentrate on taking workshops and we can often take care of the rest. We want Winter School tutors to be able to share workshops with minimal cost to you, the participants.

In 2017 the Karamea Community Arts Council won the Arts & Culture section of the Trustpower Volunteer Awards. This was achieved by dedicated volunteers and with the awesome support of our community.

Winter School has certainly grown since it started. The Arts Council would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has tutored or participated in workshops, and helped in any way to make June and beyond, a vibrant time and promotes the concept of ‘Knowledge Sharing’ in Karamea.

Knowledge Sharing workshops mean people volunteer to teach a skill for free to anyone interested in the community. Over the years the number of workshops has steadily increased as people realise how the concept works. The positive flow-on effect of sharing skills and meeting new people during the middle of Winter has been invaluable.

And we sincerely believe in .“Do what you can, with what you have” (it’s usually enough).

This is only possible with community support so we always try to support and acknowledge everyone who has given time and energy.

At the end of the month it's great to celebrate all your achievements with a gathering such as Pudding Club where people might like to bring along something they’ve made during Winter School.

Do you have a skill you would like to share with the community? 

The Arts Council Winter School is on in June and we are preparing our brochure of workshops.

If you’d like to be involved in running a workshop, we can help with organising venues and advertising.

We are also calling for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.

Please phone Chairperson Kathy Ramsay 7826 808, or email karameaartscouncilatyahoo [dot] com as soon as possible but no later than Friday April 16th.

Comments (3)

muritai 16 Mar 2021

16~03~2021        Colourful Artistic Lure ~ USEFUL Miniature Poster

Is it kismet or just my imagination playing games with me. What are the odds that a discussion of creative colourful artistry \ a phrase including the festive words "pudding club" \ the chairperson kathy's positive efforts \ an ItSheHeFish artist (that's me), possibly working independently together for a positive common goal,  would once again encircle within another Forum Thread;  what are the odds of that happening, twice within one year ... it appears to be happening here.

If by chance you require assistance to delicately place  those colourful bits & pieces (from the Winter School sketch) into a perfectly exact cubic square;  no worries, I could possibly take care;  should be lots of fun.  Will ensure your colourful attractive artistic lure is shown on the Events Banner promptly, to attract attention in preparation for the Knowledge Sharing Winter School Workshops.

If by chance you've got this covered, that's great. Look forward to seeing your USEFUL Miniature Poster, added to the Events Banner stage.  ~ ~ ~

Liz K 17 Mar 2021

Muritai - we have a team of volunteers working on Winter School promo and already have our posters covered so we do NOT need any secondary mini posters made which could confuse our well thought out plan, however thank you for offering first.  A square banner for the front page is on it's way this week.  We DO need more volunteers to help with the planning and running of the event and are having an open meeting on Monday 29th March 12-1pm at Vinnie's if you would like to join us to find out how else you could help.

muritai 23 Mar 2021

23~03~21            Colourful Artistic Lure ~ USEFUL Miniature Poster    

Special attention given to vibrant volunteers;  events organisers;  chairperson kathy's positive efforts to provide such a detailed explanation of what the Winter School is all about;  and now lots more attention could be directed to the crucial, be sure to contact kathy before the, crunch date of Friday April 16th,  is here.

Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest the Monday, 29 March Open Meeting  be placed on the Official Events Calendar Advert page, in order to direct even more focus on this knowledge sharing community endeavour.

No worries,  as one of the "various other local volunteers",  am delighted to help cover the events promotion, especially since the team promo poster is already on display. You may now rely on this first offering of an auxiliary "USEFUL miniature poster" to help draw extra special attention on the Events Banner, to the Open Meeting regarding this very worthwhile, productive educational program, potentially useful to everyone.

Use it  or  lose it;  Be aware, it's up to the rest of you "various other local volunteers" out there;  all the while, an artist's colourful unique graphic will sit here for eternity (or at least for the life of this beautiful site),  just know it's ready to lure a  "look and see"  to the Winter School activities starting soon in June.  ~ ~ ~ ~

[If acknowledgements to the artistic creator(s) of this interestingly unique graphic are needed, so be it.  As one fellow artist to another;  although I added to the colourful artwork, a tiny stretch of my imagination, the original graphic still (to this day) will remain your unique creation.]

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