Winter School - What is it about?

 The concept of Winter School is simply ‘Knowledge Sharing’.This is the sixth year Winter School has been organised by the Arts Council . It  was inspired by Elisabeth Frankish who had previously organised Summer and Winter School knowledge swap workshops in Karamea.   In April each year we advertise for volunteers who want to run workshops. We compile that into this brochure, and aim to spread these around the community during May in time for people to plan to get to workshops all throughout June.Winter School is facilitated by the Arts Council, but relies on individuals volunteering their time to tutor. Workshops are not limited to the arts. There has been a wide range in the past; sporting, mechanical, cultural, maintenance, cooking, traditional crafts etc.  Many are at beginner or introductory level. Some are held more than once in June, and some may lead on to more permanent groups forming in the future. We aim for most workshops to be free, gold coin or a cost for materials only.

We apply to Buller Creative Communities for funding to pay  for venue hire. This means tutors can concentrate on taking workshops and we can often take care of the rest. We want Winter School tutors to be able to share workshops without a cost to them.

 In 2017 the Karamea Community Arts Council won the Arts & Culture section of the Trustpower Volunteer Awards. This was achieved by dedicated volunteers and with the awesome support of our community.  Winter School has certainly grown since it started.

The Arts Council would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has tutored or participated in workshops, and helped in any way to make June a vibrant month and promote the concept of ‘Knowledge Sharing’ in Karamea.

Here is this years workshop


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