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The third Pulse Energy Oparara Wilderness Trail Run is now over and judging from the competitor’s feedback it can be chalked up as another success.  As always, things don’t go exactly as scripted and although it may seem to go off seamlessly, there are sometimes frantic moments when the completely unexpected threatens to de-rail the event.

I must congratulate the management team on the way they put everything together on the day to ensure that the competitors leave with a truly memorable experience.  Although each event is 10 months in the making, the last weeks are extremely busy and require total dedication to even the most minor of tasks, as without the detail, things can go badly wrong.

The support we receive from our many sponsors never ceases to amaze us.  Without that support, the event would never get off the start line as the competitor’s entry fees only equate to about half of our budget.  The entry fee itself is already near the upper limit and raising it would risk running up against consumer resistance, coupled with the fact that Karamea is for many an expensive destination.  
Seeking out sponsorship is never an easy task, so it is great that those who we do approach are prepared to support us in such an enthusiastic and generous manner.

To our army of volunteers, I would like to say a huge thank you.  Your selfless contribution to this community event is highly commendable and the fact that you are all prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the hard yards on the day for us is a great credit to you.  The work that you do is the glue that binds the community together and helps to make it a better place, - as they say, “actions speak louder than words”.

The event has now grown to a point where the work load is now too great for the existing team to be able to cope with.  It is not a matter of working harder in order to achieve the goals, but to work smarter.  In this respect, we have identified the need for two new volunteer roles, independent of the existing trustees.  
The first role is that of a Site Manager.  This person would be responsible for the ordering and erection of marquees and tents prior to race day, the removal of everything off site after race day and ensure that it is returned and coordinate volunteers to achieve that.
The second role is that of a Field Team Coordinator whose role will be to manage the database of volunteers, recruit additional volunteers as necessary and coordinate the field teams. This person will work alongside Anji Hamson who is in charge of the field team equipment.
Both roles, are not particularly daunting, it is largely a matter of using the existing resources and infrastructure so that everything works in an efficient manner.  You will not be thrown into this at the deep end, Lynda will give you plenty of guidance and support.
If you are interested in either one of these roles, we would love to hear from you before Wednesday 5th June.
Please contact Lynda Pope 782 6773 or 027 572 4042

Noel Pope

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yangruflo 08 Jan 2021

Looking forward to this years trail run! We have hard time last year. And most of the events were cancelled, hope it will not be the case this year. Of course we still have to consider the safety measures.

Yang [Advert removed by admin]

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