Natural Burial Site Update

April 2019

At the Buller District Council’s last meeting of 2018, they agreed to commit to assisting the Karamea Cemetery Trust in securing a site for Natural Burials in Karamea. They allocated some money to accomplish this. There is quite a process that must be undertaken to achieve the required status, even on land already administered by the council. They have contracted Chris J Coll Surveying Ltd to instigate the necessary work. Agreement is required from DoC to regularise the location of the road at the site. The process from here is largely in the hands of other people, and our working group is available to assist in providing local information as requested.

The preferred site which we proposed to the Buller District Council is one we have called ‘Elfin Bluff’. This is some kilometres up the Umere Road at the end of the flat valley, just as the road rises to go over the bluff where the car park to the Big Rimu walk is. There is a one hectare triangle of land which is unformed legal road between the formed road and the Karamea River. This land is administered by the council. This site is proposed as a separate cemetery in addition to the conventional site on the Oparara Road.

We are keen to keep this project moving along, and will keep the community informed of progress or consult the community if there is any need to do so. Please ask one of the committee if you have any questions or have any other comments.

Jo Bateman

Bill Wyllie

Hamish Macbeth


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