My name is LeaRne, and I am based in Karamea.
I'm a medium. My gift is completely spiritual. I don't read
minds, and I don't read body language. My gift can pick up on
people in person or over the phone .
I have been able to see spirits since I was a child. When I was
about 5 years old, I saw children walking in my room when I
went to bed. I would go out to tell my mother, as I was really
scared, but I was told it wasn't true yet I could always sense
and see them.
At the age of 17 I was receiving messages. When I received
information, I would get someone to write it down for me and
sign and date it before the events had happened. Even I was
a sceptic of my gift at the time and I had to prove to myself as
well as to others that my gift was real and true. By the age of
22 I had started to give people readings.
Once I gave a totally sceptical friend a reading and afterwards
he was so blown away with what the reading had told him that
he encouraged me to advertise my ability. He even put the ad
in the paper.
With my first client, I was petrified. I started giving the reading.
At first I found my ego was involved which meant the reading
wasn't valid. I had to stop myself, and concentrate properly. I
was sure the client would think I was a phoney. As she was
leaving, although the charge was $20, she gave me $30. This
shows that people know when their reading is the truth.
I describe my messages as a form of telepathy through my
guide, Michael. It's as if someone is talking to me but without a
voice. Once I was cleaning a crystal shop, and I asked the
shop owner about my guide and she knew the name, Michael,
immediately. She said he's a Archangel. Everyone has a
I don't think I'm special or chosen. I know I was receptive and
followed through with my gift instead of closing it off. I have
experienced a lot of tough times in my life. Some people might
wonder why I didn't have the ability to avoid those experiences
because I should have known about bad things happening in
advance. I did. I ignored them. What a lesson! However, I am
human just like anyone else, and those experiences have all
been part of a way for me to have a higher level of
understanding. I believe everything happens for a reason. This
gift is for the purpose of helping people who might be 'stuck' or
feeling 'in limbo'.

I receive information that can focus on what's happening now
for the person, and maybe get a glimpse of the future to help
get them on the right track. Sometimes when the information
later turns out to be correct, the person then feels they need
another reading . The purpose of this information is to help
people get 'on track' – not to be advice on what to do
whenever they have to make a decision about something.
When a person is able to hold the belief in the information,
doors of opportunity begin to open for them. Sometimes they
get scared, so the doors start too close, and they feel they
need another reading. This isn't a healthy cycle, so I try to
make sure the reading is clear and accurate to there
At the beginning of a reading, the client is told something
about themselves that I could not be aware of to give them
confirmation that the information that follows will be accurate.
A lot of people have so many questions when the reading
starts that they focus on what they want to know so I get
straight into it and they can ask questions later if they still have
any. By that time they usually say that I have pretty much
answered them all.
I welcome sceptics. All I can do is give the information that is
coming through. I'm still learning to not accept negative energy
from people. I have found the reason for the attitude from
some of the negative people is that they don't want to have
information revealed, or to be exposed. I don't have to prove
myself or argue with anyone or play mind games. I believe in
the Holy Spirit (the creator, angels, Jesus and others). My gift
is not incompatible with mainstream religious beliefs.
I have chosen to now make myself available for paid readings.
For over 20 years, I've charged no more than $60 an hour.
About 90% of all of the readings I have done have actually
been free. I've now had over forty years' experience giving
readings all over New Zealand and internationally. People ask
why I charge for a reading when I call it a gift. Is it not the
same on an earthly level as working to earn money from an
I am able to take bookings for a reading, and clients are
welcome to record the reading on their phone, or to take
notes. I have many years of experience doing readings over
the phone.
Please contact me by email liveinharmonyasoneatgmail [dot] com
Love joy and peace be with you.

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