It all started at the start of the school year with Soccer Sundays at the Domain. Rain or shine you were guranteed a good game, adults and kids alike. The turn out was amazing with about twenty people out on the field each week.

I had been told that Karamea Area School had never had a soccer team before. So I was pretty excited when a Summer Soccer League was under way in Westport this year to see what kids would join the team. To my suprise we actually had enough for our own senior team and a couple juniors to join in as well! Six weeks of soccer games against other teams, it was awesome! The juniors and seniors gave it their all and it really payed off! Practicing drills and games at school through out the week showing dedication and real team work, earned them the trophy at the end of the league. I have had such an amazing time hanging out with these kids, watching them grow as a team and as friends. I look forward to more Soccer Sundays over the summer. I think the adults just may have met their match! Thanks Karamea Rangers for making us proud, lets do it again next year!

Deborah Wagner

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