Natural Burial Sites Selection

A working group of Craig Stenhouse, Bill Wylie and Hamish Macbeth has identified a number of potential sites for natural burial within the wider Karamea area. This was first done by viewing various maps online, and then by driving around confirming or discounting the suitability of those sites. The number has reduced from over thirty to around fifteen.


The group has looked at all land whether under council or private ownership.


The group needs to make enquiries of land owners or adjacent landowners to inform them of its interest, and to ask the landowners if they know of any other suitable locations that may be of interest. The key criteria have been: access, size (preferably 1 hectare +), open aspect/view, stable and non-erosive, not too steep or boggy. The aim is to end up with an area that has a park-like feel to it.


We would like to have direct communication with some landowners in the near future to discuss options in your area. We hope to be able to ring and arrange an opportunity to discuss this with you.


If you think of a possible site please give us a call in the meantime.



Hamish Macbeth


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