10~04~2020        Alert Level 4 Lockdown ~~ March 2020

Did you all know ~~ An amazing beyond imagination, colourful chronicle of valuable information, specific to what's happening right here at Karamea, was compiled by someone \ some many.

If only there was a way, to place that 16-page FREE Special Edition, on to the community website.

Does anyone who helped assemble those colourful informative pages, have ways and means to move that exceptional COVID-19 Special Edition, here on to this open space.

This sure would be useful to those online @ karamea.nz (Little Wanganui ~ Wangapeka ~ and beyond), to be informed about precautions in place, here at the heart of Market Cross and surrounds.  ~  ~  ~  ~

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muritai 18 Apr 2020

18~04~2020     Alert Level 4 Lockdown ~~ March 2020

Because that 16-page FREE Special Edition, has not yet been added to the community website; there's time to reflect on the positive purpose, for that particular publication to be included here. It certainly would be helpful for KaraMeAnz online @ karamea.nz (and also helpful to those at Wangapeka, Little Wanganui and others nearby) to be informed of important medical care considerations, or safety precautions in place at 4-Square when shopping for groceries there, or other important concerns, here at the heart of Market Cross and surrounds.

If, by chance, this website withstands the test of time; having a copy of that FREE Chronicle safely preserved here, may someday provide a most interesting read. That Chronicle gives a hint, regarding the precautionary lockdown, that was placed on this quiet community village, during that time when the deadly CoronaVirus disease 2019, ripped through communities all around the GLOBE.

Any additional FREE Chronicle updates, pertaining to COVID-19 lockdowns, etcetera (specific to Karamea), could also be placed here; thus, utilising this website to the fullest.

The worth \ value of this site, is enriched by the ongoing positive ideas we provide. Otherwise, this might be seen as an unused empty vessel and the question might arise, as to whether this is worth the effort, to continue keeping this afloat.

So, here is a perfect opportunity, for the  someone \ some many  to offer that exceptional COVID-19 Special FREE Edition to be placed here. This positive effort would definitely utilise this website to the fullest; and help to keep this site look alive, and also most certainly benefit those of you online here  @ karamea.nz  ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 24 Apr 2020

24~04~2020       COronaVIrusDecember-2019 . . .      

Have just finished dipping into a bucket of vibrant paint, upon completing a very serious drawing. Before I knew it, a droplet of that, plopped on to my flipper\fin. Then, I must have touched my face, because a droplet of same, was on the bridge of my nose. On my way to wash-up, a droplet of that same colour, had dribbled along the coral corridor and seemed to be everywhere. Someone else slithered through that puddle of now viral vibrant paint and moved it along in a different direction. It's very simple to see, where this bucket of vibrant paint trail is traveling.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 spreads invisibly and does not show where it's going or even necessarily where it may have already been.

Currently, all we can do to compress \ inhibit \ mitigate this thing, is to remain calm, conscientiously clean and lockdown or quarantine.

Thanks to positive efforts from someone \ some many and, ultimately, B.Corner at the Information and Resource Centre, a copy of that chronicled COVID-19 Special FREE Edition, is now included on this site's front page News\Articles section. Perhaps that informative Chronicle, will soon receive a paint trail of colourful attention.

Since community events are postponed indefinitely, it seems reasonable to utilise the events banner to highlight this special Chronicle, because of the important content within, regarding COVID-19 \ Alert Level 4 Lockdown, and lots more.

So, would like to offer this colourful sketch to be placed on the events banner (if that'd be okay), drawing additional attention to that chronicled Special FREE Edition, helpful to those online @ karamea.nz ~  ~  ~  ~

muritai 15 May 2020

15~05~20       COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Chronicled

Patiently waiting and hoping, that someone with enthusiasm and skill, possibly once again from the Information and Resource Centre, will share a copy of the 16-page Karamea Chronicle COVID-19 currently at Alert Level 3 Lockdown Special FREE Edition, and simply place it here, for others to review online @ karamea.nz  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In anticipation of such a positive move, I've positioned this marquee in place, to welcome that FREE 27 April 2020, Special Edition. Adding a copy of this Chronicle to the collection of updated important content, is one way to utilise the community website; and also to secure another COVID-19 special edition, for future viewing here @ karamea.nz  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 08 Aug 2020

        Karamea Chronicle COVID-19 Special Edition

Zero Eight ~ Zero Eight ~ Twenty Twenty

This is so great;  I'm very delighted to see, that someone else from the community, has embraced this simple marquee display and utilised it to the fullest, by adding a touch of their own creative ingenuity, to highlight that COVID-19 Alert Level 3, chronicled Special FREE Edition, shown just above here at   bcorner  16 May  2020 .

It certainly is encouraging, when others share in positive efforts to help keep this site look alive.

Also, it can be quite fun;  an opportunity for everyone to help revitalise this lovely site, in an ongoing positive way.  ~ ~ ~ ~

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