Karamea Cemetery

November 2019

Cemetery notes

The Karamea Cemetery Trust held its AGM recently. The current trustees were all happy to remain as trustees. Dick Straight stood down as chairman but remains as a trustee. Dick has had an association with the cemetery group since he was about 20, and has been chair for longer than anyone else can remember. We thank him, on behalf of the community, for his work as chairman. He continues to provide advice and knowledge as a trustee. A list of all trustees and officers is listed below.



We will have our usual working bee on the first Saturday of December (Dec 7th) to spruce the cemetery up so that it looks neat and tidy for visitors over the summer holidays. Our thanks go to the Westreef staff for maintaining the grass in a very tidy fashion.


Repairs to Stone Wall Wheels

The iron wheels within the stone walls are rusting away. We invite suggestions from the community on how to either repair the existing wheels, or to replace them with new ones, or to replace the wheels with something else creative. All offers, with indicative pricing, will be considered by the group. You could come along on 7th December at 11 am (weather permitting) to inspect and discuss. All ideas will need to be in to one of us by the end of this year for our consideration.


Cemetery fees

We have decided to increase some of our fees. These are probably still amongst the lowest in the country. You are welcome to make enquiries of the officers if you would like to know them.


Natural Burial Site

The cemetry trust has approved the formation of a sub committee, made up of cemetery trustees and others in the community, in order to continue the development of a natural burial site. Most of the preparatory work has been completed, and the trust is awaiting advice from council and the surveyors that gazettal has been completed. When this is in place, the trust is hoping to undertake a blessing ceremony, and later will celebrate an opening occasion and begin some minor infrastuctural works.



Sheryl Rhind Chair 7826 764

Jo Bateman Treasurer 0274 838 440

Hamish Macbeth Secretary 7826 888

Dick Straight 7826 823

Phil Higgs 7826 160

Steve Schulz 7826 131

Jamie McGrath 7826 600


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