Freedom Camping Update Spring 2019

Sean Judd and Glenn Irving from Buller District Council held a local workshop on Freedom Camping earlier this month with the intention of updating us on what they can and can’t do as a Council, what action has been taken in the last year, and where the situation is at currently.

Anyone can freedom camp anywhere unless there is a restriction.  Freedom Camping Bylaws can be enforced to:

(a) protect an area

(b) protect the health and safety of people who may visit an area

(c) protect access to an area

There was in depth discussion between Council staff and locals about upgrading the toilet facilities at Little Wanganui Beach, and the potential for provision of a friendly part time Compliance Officer for Karamea district.

Here's a copy of the presentation slides from the Freedom Camping Workshop held by Buller District Council in Karamea on 4th September 2019.

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