23~08~2020            Food Delivery ~ Amidst COVID-19

Before those heart~warming  "people helping people"  stories drop off the PinBoard Post-It Note, would like to draw extra special attention to that positive care~giving endeavour, from community volunteers.

So, thought it would be great (by way of reiteration), to help rescue  "Food Delivery 22 Mar 2020"  &  "Brief Update 27 Mar 2020"  and carefully position them on to the navigation banner, safely within the NEWS \ Articles section.   At least for a while,  these joyful care~giving stories (which you may have already read),  are preserved for future visitors to enjoy  @karamea.nz   ~ ~ ~ ~

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muritai 23 Aug 2020

Have also included these comments, showing the enthusiasm expressed on that PinBoard Post-It Note, which greatly motivated me, to engage in rescuing these "people helping people" stories, as you will see.


Local Food Delivery Service  (22 Mar 2020)
Message From Dave Sanders - Civil Defence Community Co-ordinator for Karamea and Little Wanganui.

Greetings All,
Our local CD Team has been asked to help out our community in delivering shopping/food to our over seventies and anyone else who need this support including those with medical conditions.

This is not a Civil Defence National Emergency Plan nor is this a specific direction from Civil Defence NZ it is instead an opportunity as a local CD Team to support our locals who may need this service.

We have made arrangements with Jason and Juliette James (4 Square) to pick up phone/email orders and deliver these throughout our area.

All you need to do if you need a food delivery is to contact 4 Square place your order and between 2pm and 4pm each day and we will deliver your food/shopping order to your front door.
4 Square Contact Details
Phone [...]
Email [...]

This delivery service will commence from this Wednesday (25th March).

If you have elderly neighbours please pass on this message or anyone else who you think might need this support.

Of course many will have younger family members and neighbours to assist with shopping needs for some of our older/medically compromised locals which is awesome but our community wants to make sure everyone is supported so please don't hesitate to use this service.

Also if you want to volunteer in helping your local Civil Defence Team in providing this delivery service then please contact me.

Thanks all.
Dave Sanders
Civil Defence - Community Co-ordinator
Karamea/Little Wanganui
Dave 22 Mar 2020

Brief Update - Civil Defence Karamea/Little Wanganui  (27 Mar 2020)
Stay Home - Stay Safe

Remember to go to Covid19.govt.nz website for key information you will find this site very helpful.

On Wednesday we launched our CD Food Delivery Service for our over 70's and those with medical conditions. So far we have completed 7 deliveries with all recipients very grateful for this service. We have 12 volunteers supporting this initiative and I would like to thank them very much. We use strict Health & Safety guidelines for the protection of our volunteers and recipients.

If you're over 70 or medically compromised you only need to phone the 4 Square [...] or email [...] to place your food supply order. Deliveries by Civil Defence are made daily between 2pm and 4pm.

Also "Special Thanks" to the Four Square Team you guys are awesome and we are all so appreciative of your support to our community.

If you are aware of any overseas or NZ visitors that have been stranded here due to the lock down can you please let know - my contact details are located on the Karamea Community website.

You can also contact me for any other issues for your local Civil Defence Team is here to help where we can.

Meantime "Stay Home" and Stay Safe.

Thank you.
Dave Sanders
Civil Defence Community Co-ordinator
Dave 27 Mar 2020


muritai 23 Aug 2020

Because group activities had been on  "hold"  for an extended length of time (due to COVID-One Nine Lockdown), the events banner (during that phase) was eventually revitalised, with help from current topics of interest being posted there.

Just imagine the positive mood, when the events banner is, once again, put to similar use, this time acknowledging dedicated volunteers, as well as refreshing the KaraMeAnz website homepage;  all accomplished with help from this colourful care~giving sketch. May this be a perfect time, to carefully place this delicate heart~full display on to that special stage, if that'd be okay.

Now that some events have expired, which provides available space; would you (Web Tech Guru) enable this move to take place (on to the events banner), please.  And most importantly, a link to this  "Food Delivery ~ Amidst COVID-19"  article.  Thank you.

These heart~warming stories reference those who volunteered their valuable time, assisting with food delivery service, very much appreciated by elderly and others in need, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, precautionary Lockdown, Alert Level 4, 3, . . .    ~ ~ ~ ~

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