Community Website Meeting

Website meeting notes:

Seven people attended a meeting on Thursday 6th May. Four people sent their apologies. We agreed that the community website was a wonderful resource for both locals and intending visitors or buyers. We are very grateful that the Administrator continues to offer his expertise to make the site work.


We decided that the two local Facebook groups have become the default mechanism in our community for local comment and discussions. We noted that a survey of six other community websites around the country (Glenorchy, Sumner, North East Valley (Dunedin), Portobello, Waitara, Katikati—(several of which are also partners in the Community-Led Development Program) revealed that none of them offer Forums on their sites and that therefore our website will cease to offer this function. We will provide a link in a prominent place for users to visit one of those local Facebook sites: Karamea Community Facebook. 


The ‘Korero/Discussion’ forum in ‘Community’ will no longer be active. When writing an ‘Article’, the writer will have the choice as to whether to invite comments via email, any of which will be emailed privately to the writer, and will not appear on the site.


Moderators: another person has been suggested to help with moderating the site. This person will be asked if they are willing to assist alongside the existing person. Several attendees are moderators of other sites and did not wish to take on this role on this site.


The attendees considered other things which might add interest to the site or make the site easier to use. These things will be put into place when possible.

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