We Need to Hear from You!

After many years of talking about how useful a commercial kitchen would be for our community, there is finally a glimmer of hope.

Local food growers and creative foodies need a certified kitchen to make products from our fantastic fresh produce so those products can be sold to the public legally. It's a chance to use local resources, generate some income, create employment, and promote our location and it's micro-climate.

Karamea has been selected as the site for a pilot project, for a new West Coast Food Network. It has been identified that a Commercial Kitchen is the starting point for development in Karamea. A dedicated group of local people are in the process of making a submission to secure the funding for this project.

This facility will be considered for the second round of funding from the 1 Billion dollar/ year Provincial Growth Fund. A decision on whether or not we can proceed will be made June/July this year.

If approved, the first stage will be a lot of work to do to on the details of where, who and how. If the Government Departments involved are satisfied that we have a chance of making it work, the second stage will be to actually make things happen. The proposed time to have something actually up and running is the Spring of 2019 – which is only a little over a year away!

NOW IS THE TIME to come forward and be counted. If you are genuinely interested in making and selling anything that involves food, we need to hear from you. Whatever your idea is - large or small - come and have a chat with me or Vinnie at the Bush Lounge on Wednesday 23rd May from 2-3pm.

We want to collect as much information as possible for the submission process. Even if you have already expressed interest, we still need to hear from you. If you can't turn up in person, email Lori at lori [dot] katsnap [dot] net [dot] nz before May 23rd, or write it down and leave your information and contact details with Vinnie.

We Need to Know:
What would you use a local Commercial Kitchen for?
And: What equipment you would need to have in that kitchen?

We only have one chance to show that we are ready to move forward.

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