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1. Consultation:


I/We submit that persons affected by the Proposal have not been given a reasonable opportunity to make submissions due to the timing of the consultation process. The nature and effect of the Proposal is significant and will affect all ratepayers within the district. Therefore ratepayers should be given a substantial period of time to enable them to make reasoned submissions.  Drop-in consultations in the rural areas were not well attended and to then offer public meetings less than a week before submissions closed was not fair or appropriate. 


2.  Ability to Pay


I/We submit that council recognise that its capital value “wealth” model cannot be used as an indicator in its "ability to pay principle”.

Solutions to funding issues must be specific and must work within different environments, demographics and economies.  The Buller Community Profile released last year showed Buller residents were markedly more than deprived than New Zealand’s population as a whole (census 2013).  Local government is not and should not be involved in redistribution, which otherwise necessitates a consideration of the individual‘s relative wealth or income (Local Government Forum, 2009).


3. Capital Value Rating:


I/We submit against Capital Value Rating.  In 2014 there were well over 400 submissions, the majority were against a move to the CV rating model.  The proposal is not worthy of consideration again. Nothing has been shown to justify a change from Land Value Rating.  Land value is the ‘natural’ base for rural authorities.  Capital Value is for urban areas experiencing major growth.  Land base rating is a land value tax that incentivises optimal development.


2. Differentials:


There has been much made of the 44 differentials that apply in Buller and how the reasons for these are buried in history and no longer logical. 

I/We submit that council should correct the current differential anomalies.  Land value distortions do not exist once differentials that are no longer valid are removed.  Simply adopt a recommendation to review the existing differentials and base them on relative benefit received.



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