A few heavy looking clouds were soon dispelled by a warm lovely day at the beach. Indeed quite a few of us got windburn and sunburn!

Lots of local stallholders came and supported us along with vintage tractors, the fire engine and ambulance. Thank you to everyone who made the extra effort this year, as Sturgeons were only able to bring the Bouncy Castle this year. The way the dates and tides worked out this year as well as them having a longer contract at Caroline Bay, ended up with us missing out. This was found out too late for us to find more alternatives for the kids.

Never the less! All things worked out very well:
The Woodchoppers came out in full force , with quite a variety of things happening. It was a great spectacle , as well as watching the younger ones coming up through the ranks. Well Done.
The local` cups were keenly contested with the results as follows :

  • Dave White Memorial Cup : Adam Lowe
  • Kirby Memorial Cup : Mike Simpson / Barry Chalmers

Our own youngsters did well in the junior chop with:

  • Logan Tinomana coming first
  • Jackson Simpson second
  • Sean Eggers third
  • Brooke Tinomana coming fourth.

Excuse the pun, but it really is as chip off the old block!

Crowd estimates were at about 440, which included lots of locals, students, visitors and an incognito TV Documentary Crew who were filming and interviewing the woodchoppers.

They certainly enjoyed the grassroots back country fun that we had and also commented on the willingness of people to participate.

Roast mutton (donated by Murray Watt) and lovingly roasted by Bruce Sanders on the spit, was sliced up on site and eaten in sandwiches with mint jelly sauce .It all went down a treat as well as all the sausages ,mince wraps , doughnuts and muffins collectively washed down with cups of tea or cold drinks and icecream for dessert( thank you to the Higgs family for the donation of icecreams..)

Music was supplied by Emcee extraordinaire Craig Stenhouse who also kept us up to date with events and details. Last year Craig won the Venison raffle and this year he announced (with a rueful sigh) the winner from the raffle : Carl Soefert of Ray St, Karamea. Carl had his ten year old son Leon, visiting and they were thrilled to bits. The next morning at 6am they went hunting with Uncle Tom ,very ,very excited.

A big thank you to Tom Horncastle and all the punters who supported this raffle; rest assured the money made is not going off shore! It is ,as always, given back to the community via the St Johns, medical machinery at the clinic, sports equipment and updating gear for the Beach Day.

Novelty games were very popular this year. Starting off with the ATV time trials, which are always keenly contested, we want to thank Tom for the bike and for making the course. Also Steve Smaill and Alan Kees for timing these events, down to the hundredth of a second! Very important. The results are as follows:

  • Sharky Lowe at 39.62s
  • Jono Lowe at 39.81s
  • Brent Lowe at 40.15s
  • Steven Lowe at 40.16s

Somethings in the water at the Lowe household…?!

Tania Tinomana won the womens division with a time of 42.82s
Well done Tania .

The Gumboot Throwing competition was trialled this year and proved very popular. Gumboots are not very aerodynamic and most of us had a few misthrows that landed in the crowd or among the vintage tractors(sorry Tony).

The kids event was won by Jamie Chapman at 9.0m
In second place Phoenix Chapman at 7.5m

The ladies event was won by Jenny Smith at 13.6m
In second place Irene at 12.5m

The mens event was won by Michael Palmer at 26.0m
In second place Nathan Wright at 25.0m

Need we mention that Nathan is actually Merle Lowes grandson?

Keith Frankish, Brett Palmer and Alex Hatipov valiantly tried to contest these distances and endeavour to be here next year, same contest, same gumboot.

Jack Simpson came all the way down from Umere in his Lanz Bulldog tractor(also known as the boof-boof tractor) and amazed a curious crowd. He kept it idling all day as he had trouble starting it in the morning. There was a real rush on when it came time to have rides. The crowd kept on gathering as he demonstrated how to make flax gliders and how to launch them.It was amazing how far he could flick them… up to 200m.This pastime was from his childhood when everyboy did it for fun. Thank you Jack for showing us this skilful art before it got lost in the flaxmills of time.

Dee Vos won the free helicopter ride, compliments of Wayne Pratt. Rides were going most of the day and enjoyed by everyone who partook.

Horse Racing was once again a beautiful sight on the beach. In the straight gallop:

  • First Alwyn Gourley
  • Second Russell Anderson
  • Third Stephanie Hislop

In the Barrel Race:

  • First Russell Anderson
  • Second Alwyn Gourley
  • Third Stephanie Hislop

Hula hoops was

  • won by Hazel Wilkerson with 600 revolutions
  • Second Conrad Petersen with 400 revolutions
  • And third Reece Kees with 334 revolutions.

Beautiful hip style was displayed by all.

The Tug of War was won by the Lowe family with the Woodchoppers coming in second.

The Beach Art came a little unstuck this year with the three winners only identifiable by their creations. If anyone knows who did these creations, please let Ken Greenwell know (7826917) these prizes were sponsored by the Arts Council and are as yet unclaimed. They are as follows:

  • First : The Person
  • Second: The sticks casting shadows
  • Third: The marae

The highest score on the dartboard was 87, won by Rowan Hurd (a little Higgs this time , in fact little Higgs dominated the play at the Dart throwing Tombola)

Thank you to everybody who helped out at our Community Beach Day , and to all our generous sponsors:

  • Little Wanganui Pub
  • Christian and Kate Grey
  • Tom and Melanie Horncastle
  • Little Wanganui Hall Committee
  • Russell and Dianne Anderson
  • Karamea Four Square
  • Karamea Motors
  • Paul Mclintoch and Theresa and Uncle Pieter
  • Karamea Hardware
  • Karamea Arts Council
  • Daniel and Dee Vos
  • Last Resort
  • Wayne Pratt
  • Karamea Tavern
  • True Blue Organics
  • Karamea Holiday Park
  • Leigh and Tilly Kees

And our Westport supporters:

  • Rainbow Tearooms
  • Mitre 10
  • Buller Vets
  • Walkers
  • Andersons Toy World
  • Gibbys
  • CRT Westport
  • Carters
  • Westport News
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