( This project ran during October and November 2011 )
Tutor: Brett Mawson     Background client: Karamea

PROJECT TITLE: A poster design to promote recycling in Karamea

Description of this art/design project:

Karamea is a small, rural community with a beautiful landscape surrounding it. All Karamea people need to appreciate that protecting our environment is important for the future of our community and for future generations who come here to live. It is important for the health and well-being of humans, animals and plant life. Sometimes people forget the important and obvious things in life because they are busy doing other things. This is why advertising (in this case a poster campaign) is important. It reminds people of something they should be doing for the benefit of the community.

Poster design and production is an important benefit for our community. Students will be helping to preserve the environment and protect the human, animal and plant life in our vicinity, as well as in the rest of the world.

The posters all needed to be the same size so they could be re-produced and posted around town conveniently. This helps shop-owners and establishments to place posters in their windows more easily. Designs, whether created on computer or with physical materials, were all digitally archived for printing and for display on the Karamea Community Website.

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