KCI Meeting 14 September 2020

Meeting opened 2105

Present: B Jones (chair), C Jones (secretary), R Sampson (treasurer), E Kerslake, P Langford, P Moynihan, D Sanders, D Hansen.
Apologies: P Gibson, D Guppy.
Motion: That the apologies be accepted.
Moved P Moynihan
Seconded D Sanders

Previous Minutes
As circulated.
Motion: That the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted.
Moved: D Sanders
Seconded: P Moynihan

Financial report
As circulated.
Motion: That the financial report be accepted, and accounts both retrospective and current be approved for payment.
Moved R Sampson
Seconded: D Sanders

General Business

Motion: That approval be given for the treasurer to open additional accounts with NBS for new fundholding groups as required.
Moved: B Jones
Seconded P Langford

The accountant’s financial performance reports were circulated previous to the meeting. There was a brief discussion over these.

Friends of Karamea Area School was discussed briefly. An email from Simon Trotter (Ministry of Education) had been forwarded to the committee members previous to the meeting. The suggestion in this email was that KCI consider gifting its share of hall funding directly to the Karamea Area School Board.
The Chair had made enquiries of the Department of Internal Affairs as to whether this was allowable. He was informed that the DIA did not allow this. The suggestion was made that when construction of the hall is completed KCI give consideration to gifting their percentage of the hall ownership directly to the KAS Board.
KCI also wishes to have the percentages of ownership changed from MoE 50%, KAS Board 25%, KCI 25% corrected to 60%,20%,20%.

Rata Reserve Project
There has been a change of staff dealing with this at the Buller District Council, so change of land use and licence to occupy is still in progress.
Chris Coll has surveyed the area.
Lisa McDowell from the native plant nursery at Granity will be invited to meet the subcommittee shortly to view the site and recommend suitable plantings.

There was a discussion around taking on more groups as subcommittees. While KCI currently has 9 different account holders, some of these projects should be finished shortly and so off the KCI books. It was decided that requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
We will accept the Karamea Community Garden Group as a partnership group.

AGM date.
The AGM will precede the October monthly meeting.
Monday 12 October, 7p.m. at the RSA.

Dave Sanders offered to organise publicity and catering.

E Kerslake left the meeting.

Moved into committee at 2033.
Had a discussion about the Partnership Manager’s contract.
Moved out of committee at 2050.

As we are happy with the Partnership Manager’s performance and the good relationship we have formed, it was decided to not re-advertise the position. It was decided to offer a renewal of the service contract to the current Partnership Manager. 

Next meeting Monday 12 October, starting after the CLDP meeting finishes.

Meeting closed 2018.

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