KCI meeting Oct 2020
Meeting opened 1940

Present: B Jones (chair), C Jones (secretary), R Sampson (treasurer), E Kerslake, C Wood, D Wood, D Guppy, S Healey, D Sanders, P Langford, P Moynihan
Apologies: D Hansen (DIA), P Gibson
Moved that the apologies be accepted.
Moved C Jones
Seconded P Moynihan

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes were taken as read.
Motion: That the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as true and correct.
Moved R Sampson
Seconded P Moynihan

Matters arising

Financial report
As circulated
Motion: That the report be accepted and invoices both impending and retrospective be accepted.
Moved R Sampson
Seconded B Jones

General business

Rata Reserve
Bronwyn Little (BDC employee) suffered a bereavement in family and in the upheaval the file has been lost.
License to Occupy is still in the pipeline, D Sanders will keep checking up.
Phone call from Nicole has provided some good information, e.g. hydrology; estimated cost PDF will be emailed to committee members. Next meeting Friday 23 1300 RSA. 

nothing new

Meeting closed 2000

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yangruflo 08 Jan 2021

Thanks for including this one here

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