KCI Minutes

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Langford, D Hansen, E
Kerslake, P Moynihan, P Gibson
Apologies: D Guppy, N Te Raki
Moved: R Sampson
seconded: P Moynihan

Previous Minutes:
Taken as read.
moved: P Moynihan
seconded: P Langford

Matters Arising:
Info sheet has been amended as per last meeting.
Moved that the Info Sheet be adopted.
moved: R Sampson
seconded: C Jones

Subsidising of Community Building hire. Will now not be happening as hourly charges have been introduced for venue hire.
Charities Services annual return has been completed.

Financial Report:
Taken as read.
D Guppy unpresented cheque put back in to records.

Funding:- ask to be extended to June 30 2020.
Different styles of financial report were looked at with more detail if wanted.
That the financial report be accepted:
Moved: R Sampson
seconded: P Gibson

General Business
David Saunders was suggested as a possible co-opted committee member to keep numbers up.
Moved: B Jones
seconded: C Jones

Next meeting 9 December 1900 followed by Pre-Christmas drinks and supper.

Meeting Closed 1420

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