Karamea Community Incorporated


KCI meeting held November 12 November 2018

Meeting started 2010.

Present: Brian Jones (chair), Rosalie Sampson (treasurer), Caroline Jones (secretary), Peter Gibson, Dave Guppy, Peter Langford.

Apologies: Peter Moynihan

It is moved that the apologies be accepted.

Moved Caroline, seconded Peter L.


Minutes of previous meeting.

It was moved the minutes be taken as read and a true and accurate record.

Moved Brian, seconded Rosalie.


Financial Report

The financial report was tabled.

It was moved that the account from the Last Resort for Rosalie and Brian’s lunch at the Hokioi meeting, be paid. (Brian and Rosalie attended with Barry Chalmers, Dyan Hansen and iwi representatives 7/11/18.)

Moved Peter L, seconded Peter G.


Moved that the Financial Report be approved.

Moved Rosalie, seconded Peter L.


KCI secretary duties.

It was moved that Caroline Jones, despite wanting to only take meeting minutes, be given the title of Secretary until the CLDP PM can take over some of the responsibilities. She reluctantly agreed.

Moved Rosalie, seconded Peter L


KCI needs administrators for the DIA in the interim until the PM position is filled for the lodgement of applications for funding. It was suggested that this be undertaken by Rosalie and Brian J.

Moved Caroline, seconded Peter G.


Inwards Correspondence

Clive Hellyar’s Letter of Resignation from the committee was tabled.

No motion of acceptance was necessary as the resignation became irrelevant when Clive did not stand for re-election to the committee at the AGM.

General Business

It was moved that Letters of Appreciation be written on behalf of the committee to Clive Hellyar, Kathleen Gavigan and Brian Corner recognising their contributions.

Moved Peter G seconded Caroline


The blurb for the January 2019 hui us to be written when a person has been appointed to the PM position.

Meeting closed 2015

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