Minutes KCI
Meeting opened 2000

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Gibson, P Moynihan, E Kerslake,
D Hansen

Apologies: P Langford, D Guppy
That the apologies be accepted.
Moved R Sampson
seconded C Jones

Previous minutes
That the previous minutes be accepted as true and correct.
moved R Sampson
seconded C Jones

Matters Arising
It was suggested that the previously proposed Memorandum of Understanding become an information
sheet laying out the terms and conditions between KCI and the group it will be acting as an umbrella for,
which will require a signature to show it has been read and understood. If either party has a concern it
can be renegotiated at the time.
moved B Jones
seconded P Moynihan

Inwards Correspondence
Charities Commission email newsletter
Buller District Council letter Oparara Reserve Project Revitalisation Funding Application has been

That the financial report be tabled as read and accepted.
Moved R Sampson
Seconded P Gibson

General Business
Brian Jones has put in a submission to the Buller District Council annual Plan for money to maintain the
South Terrace Zigzag Track. This amount is currently $500. It has been $600 in the past and it will be
requested that the amount goes up again to $600.

E Kerslake as Youth Club Coordinator stated the Youth Club had received money from the Yurt Group
and requested that KCI consider acting as fund holder for the Youth Group.

Next meeting
Several members will be away on 10 June so the next meeting will be in July.
Both the chair and the secretary will be away 8 July, may need to find date other than 2 nd Monday.
Meeting closed 2030


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