KCI 9 March 2020
Meeting opened 1410.

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Langford, P Moynihan, D Hansen,
D Sanders, E Kerslake, C Stenhouse
Apologies: D Guppy, P Gibson
Moved that the apologies be accepted.
Moved: P Moynihan
Seconded: R Sampson

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Previously circulated and taken as read.
Moved D Sanders
Seconded P Langford

Matters Arising:
B Jones spoke about the Rata Reserve (RRP) and Friends of Karamea Area School (FOKAS) Projects. He
suggested the best option for these projects, is to make them sub-committees of KCI. This would allow
them to use it’s established charitable status to good effect and with minimal delay required to set up.
The possibility of something like the RRP project is already in the Urban Plan that KCI developed several
years ago. Members are D Sanders, P Moynihan, R Sampson, L Avery, C Jones and B Jones

FOKAS has Board of Trustees and wider community representation, with R Sampson, P Langford and B
Jones from KCI, for a total committee size of 10.
Moved that RRP and FOKAS be accepted as sub-committees of KCI
Moved: B Jones
seconded: P Moynihan

Terms for these subcommittees:
 There should be a list of committee members and their roles, but the groups are autonomous.
 They are expected to report back to KCI monthly
 They cannot commit KCI to any debt
 Membership is voluntary, but it would be nice if the groups voluntarily paid $5 membership fee.

P Langford left the meeting at 1425.

The Youth Group has decided to keep things simple and not become a sub-committee of KCI.

Financial Report:
As circulated.

R Sampson wanted to invest $40,000 of Youth Group money.
Moved: D Sanders
Seconded: P Moynihan carried

Moved that the Financial Report be accepted and the accounts be paid.
Moved: R Sampson
Seconded: P Gibson

Conflict of Interest Register for Karamea Community Incorporated:
This needs to be brought up-to-date. Members will email the Chair their other commitments.

Rata Reserve Project
D Sanders (chair RRP) spoke briefly. The next meeting will be 20 March at the RSA. Priorities will be
funding and getting through the change in land use.

D Sanders was unsure if he had been formally voted onto the KCI committee. To ensure this was done
properly a motion was put.
Moved that D Sanders be accepted as a co-opted member of the KCI committee.
Moved: B Jones
Seconded: C Jones

Next meeting will be Monday 20 April at 1300
Meeting closed 1500.

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