Minutes KCI
Meeting opened 20:02

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), D Guppy, E Kerslake, D Hansen
Apologies: none

Previous minutes
That the previous minutes be accepted as true and correct.
moved R Sampson
seconded D Guppy

Matters Arising
That the Health & Safety Policy be accepted:
moved C Jones
seconded D Guppy

Charitable status has been granted.

Inward Correspondence.
An email letter stating Charitable Status has been granted.
Charities newsletter.
An email from Lynda Pope regarding the state of the South Terrace Zigzag Track.
The Zigzag Track was discussed. It was deemed to be not as bad as was made out.
$500 has been invoiced to the Buller District Council for future maintenance.

Financial report
As emailed.
That the financial report be accepted.
moved R Sampson
seconded B Jones

It was suggested that an article be put in the Chronicle about how much money KCI has received on
behalf of the various groups and how it is being spent.

A motion was tabled that the Oparara Reserve Project invoice be approved retrospectively.
moved R Sampson
seconded B Jones

General Matters
There was discussion around the suggestion that KCI develop a memorandum of understanding with
the groups it works with to clarify that KCI is not responsible for any overspending. D Hansen and E
Kerslake made it clear that they considered making this clear verbally was sufficient.

Next meeting Monday 8 April 2019.
Meeting closed 20:35

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