KCI meeting Tuesday 16 June 2020
Meeting opened 1420
Present: B Jones (chair), C Jones (secretary), R Sampson (treasurer), P Gibson, P Moynihan, P
Langford, D Sanders
Apologies: D Hansen, D Guppy, L Kerslake
Motion: That the apologies be accepted.
Moved C Jones
seconded P Moynihan

Previous Minutes
As circulated and read.
Motion: That the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted.
Moved D Sanders
seconded P Moynihan

Matters arising

Financial Report
As circulated.
The Youth Group accounts were queried. This will be looked in to.
The Karamea Library money is now in a Karamea Library account. Motion: That the financial report
be accepted, paid accounts be ratified and accounts awaiting payment be approved.
Moved P Gibson
seconded D Sanders

Subcommittee Reports:
Friends of Karamea Area School (FoKAS)
Are awaiting an MoU between Ministry of Education, Karamea Community Incorporated, FoKAS and
the Karamea Area School Board of Trustees.

Rata Reserve Project
Talking with Rachael from the Buller District Council about initially getting a licence to occupy.
Met with Lisa McDowell from the Ngakawau nursery about plants.
A funding application has been accepted by the Department of Conversation. There will be a
decision at the end of the month.

General Business
There was a discussion about group v individual subscriptions.
Motion: That R Sampson and B Jones are to draft a letter to groups asking if their members would
like to join KCI.
Moved D Sanders
seconded P Gibson

A discussion on a group membership subscription will be put on the next KCI AGM agenda.

Partnership Manager’s position
The current contract ends January 2021.
The CLDP ends Sept 2022.
Liz has indicated that she would like to continue in the position but would like more money.
Committee appeared positive about continuing the position. We are still awaiting a response from
DIA about remuneration for other partnership managers. D Sanders is to do a breakdown into an
hourly rates incorporating expenses.

We will apply for the money needed shortly before the new contract starts.

Next meeting Monday 13 July at the RSA Community Centre after the CLDP meeting.
Meeting closed 1510.

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